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  1. I´ve never used voxel technology, but i´ve been thinking of UD and an efficient way to store voxels and i´ve come up with this. Might be an stupidity, but oh well... Let´s suppose we are drawing an infinite array on voxels, all in the same direction: positive x axis, for example. We can use one bit to tell if the next voxel is at x+1, or not. If not, it must be at y+1,y-1, z+1 or z-1. So we use 2bits for that (2^2 = 4). Now looking at a model it seems fairly common to have long arrays of voxels in the same direction: walls, trees, bricks, etc. We can use n bits to tell how many voxels ahead of us are in the same direction, and just don´t store any information for them. if voxel starts with 0: n bits to represent 2^n sucessive voxels after this one. (total n+1 bits) if voxel starts with 1: 2 bits to indicate a new direction (total 3 bits) Using n = 4: In the worst case (every voxel changes direction), we can store 1 million voxels in 10^6*3/8/1024 = 366 kb. In the best case (every voxel has up to 2^n =16 neighbours facing the same direction) we can store 1 million voxels in just 38 kb. If we know beforehand the best value for n, it could be lower. It would be possible to preproccess a surface and find an optimal representation of it in terms of "n" (bits used for average number of voxels in the same direction) and path followed through the voxels. Color info could be stored in a similar way, adding bits to indicate relative displacement over a palette. Drawbacks: n and the path must be chosen very carefully or you might end up wasting space like crazy. The "worst case" is not the WORST case in which you have small arrays of just two voxels, meaning that half the voxels are wasting (n+1) bits just to tell you that the next one does not need any info. Traversing this structure to render it is not efficient (load it into an octree at runtime?). Well, lots of other things. What do you think? EDIT: On second thought, this really is stupid (lol). Just have one bit per voxel to indicate if the next changes direction or not. 3 bits at worst and 1 at best per voxel, average 2 bits per voxel: 1 million in 244kb.
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