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  1. Solid webhost provider? .NET

    $15 USD I'll PM you details. I am still looking around. Really guys all i need is .NET (2.0 is good, 3.5 is preferred) and to be able to upload apps like imagemagik and ffmpeg and run them via shell. I need a db and able to (create and) write files but i assume they are both standard nowadays.
  2. Solid webhost provider? .NET

    I need a server that can host .NET. The server must support url rewriting. I had a free test server that did NOT apply the .NET extension to all URLs. I couldnt rewrite urls like this unless it ended with .asp(x) (which is bad for images...) ex url: mysite.com/something/else/will work/with spaces Also i need a host that will let me launch process like ffmpeg and imagemagik. its a bonus if i can use PHP on it. Extreme bonus if i can use it as a SVN server but thats not required and may not be as useful as i think. My budget is 15/mo but i much rather to have a server thats not more then 12/mo.
  3. How do i report spam?

    How do i report spam? I got a msg from candyman99. I cant tell if it was a spambot or not, especially since he has registered in 2007. His profile http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/profile.asp?mode=display&id=120245 The message in question is below msg_id=110855 Hey I found this site that you can get money on and you could use the money to hire people for working on your games and making graphics or use it for what ever you want to use it for. The site has no minimum payout and credits offers really fast. So far I made $70 in 3 days so I am going to use that money for hiring people for my games but if you are interested the website is [link removed] Just wanted to help out if I can since I am not very good at coding for games or doing graphics. [Mod edit: Don't want the link to gain unnecessary pagerank, now do we.] [Edited by - Promit on June 21, 2009 10:47:03 PM]
  4. is this breakdown accurate?

    I wanted to do a site as mention in this post http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=520295 So i came up with a list of basics that will need to be programmed and i am trying to figure out how long each piece will take. heres my guess. I am not a web developer so i will guess wrong. Can you guys tell me what should take longer (or much shorter)? or things i have forgotten? This has been copied from a text file with bad grammar and all. DA = DeviantArt http://www.deviantart.com/ NOTE: forum currently exist. phpbb3. Login can be reused? user PM can be used though the site? (7hrs includes writing all db code and implementation on media pages) Tag and BackTag for media -> Desc: A song can be an original, have 3ppl remix which should show original as insipred, and original have them as derived. Inspired lyrics, story, images, etc should follow. If a project is using it, a used in tag should be listed. (.5hr) Autocomplete on these tags, when users type to comment their work an autocomplete should come up so they can select common words or make their own. (2hrs, 1 for search, .5 for media page implementation, .5 for debugging & cleanup) Search for tags -> full site search on tags, can use with browse categories. Then use same tag search on filtering derived work (or inspired if there are many?). Leave author desc to google :) ;) (3hrs, half time for db other half for page implementation & debugging) Upload center for image, literature, music, etc. (no project upload? projects will be handle by a special case?. Have option open tho). - upload a file (should upload on select so user can fill details while it loads instead of waiting on form submitt). - select the proper catagory, fill in auth desc, tags, inspired or derived from section. If stock is used, user should be able to link all stocks. Tag a model/user as well. Tag collaborators (other collaborators should click accept/deny in their msg center before it shows on their page). (5hrs, 2on db, 3 on page) Msg center, watch Projects, authors, etc (like DA). (3hrs) Flag System: - Mod tool to view flagged media - Higher flagged media should be placed higher - Mod looking at marker. A mod should select 3-5 media before handling. This should put a temp lock if another mod marks to look at those, he cant do it and wont waste time looking at media others are handling - Flagged media should be filtered - When media is viewed, it is archived not deleted. - When media gets X more flags, it should reappear in flag list. - Should have flag reasons (wrong screencaps, spam, etc) (2hrs) on user media page: Auth desc (like DA) - user comments (like DA, allow hiding comments and flagging) - Flag misleading or inappropriate media. - Fav so we can find later. (4hrs) userpage - fav list (search tags/filter favs) - browse user like browsing on site? - find prjs user is part of - find prjs user assisted (like donated a piece) - master list of projects/derived works - master list of inspired work - should have a basic profile, like optional location, interest, desc of self, email, IM, etc - user avatar, possibly shared with phpbb3. (8hrs) Media: - Have folders which are actually tag filters. (users wont have to sort, just tag the media properly) - Play audio (soundmanager2?) - View image, View folder in a slideshow - Browse media with next/prev in folder, or across media (no folders, whole media sorted in some way like date) - Allow flash media, BUT, have a button to start loading in case user doesnt want to be disturbed or lag comp. another 10hrs for page layout, site interface etc. total: 34.5hrs.
  5. OpenGL render & dump

    i have a remote debian linux box and i want to upload a model to it and have it create screenshots of it. I seen the example code of lib3ds i wanted to know if anyone has a snippet or a way to dump was is render. I would like to draw the texture and dump it as either png or a raw bmp (i dont need PNG until after the prototype). Is this possible if my box doesnt have a video card? -edit- i am thinking i want to use opengl, render the polygons then read the pixel bits to dump into a file. But i wouldnt mind how its done as long as the screenshot looks accurate after i dump to file. I dont have a format but i was thinking they all should be .max or 3ds. [Edited by - Lendichado_ on January 15, 2009 5:11:25 PM]
  6. So, i was thinking of a game project site.

    haha yeah. i didnt think about that. I was planning PMs, being able to watch ppl, etc. What about flame wars and such you see on DA and lame comments left by others? do you think i should have journals? Now i am thinking about how much like deviantart i want and do not want it to be. How do you like sourceforge and assembla? i dont plan to host repositories but i found assembla interesting and sourceforge not very useful other then a way to search open source projects.
  7. So, i was thinking of a game project site.

    gamedev is COMPLETELY different. gamedev is more educational. It has a good forum, an article section, etc. My idea is more like deviantart for game developers. Except NOT deviantart. In fact i was thinking comments may not be allowed. Also no pageviews and things like that.
  8. Need hosting? i have room

    I live in ontario, cananda. Its not as strict here. i went into a gov office and asked them about it (i worked right next to one). We are allowed to hire people before we register them as employees. However we have i think 10days to register them before we may get ourselves in trouble. Toolmaker: I didnt want write out a lot of info because i am flexible with needs but i'll give it a shot. you get (s)FTP access. You can install apps if you can do it w/o root access, if you want apps i can install it for you. The OS is debian linux. I have 100gb bandwidth, i use <2gb (1gb was from doing many wget so i could play around with packages). You get 500mb of space. I have mysql, php5, python current installed. mysql i'll give you as prefix so you can create as many tables as you like with a wildcard. I'll charge $4USD/mo so i'll need 2ppl to cover the cost. A friend of mine is interested, i'll setup a trial for him and i'll make a dummy account for ready use by anyone on gamedev who contacts me. If you want SVN+TRAC i'll charge $6 and you can have unlimited developers but you only have limited space (<100mb). Which should be fine if your only using it for source. Also i backup my mysql twice a day automatically you'll get that too. If you want anything else just ask and i'll see what i can do.
  9. 33 parameters for a function?! Seriously!?

    You should consider finding another job. You just received production code that has 33 function. Something is wrong here :|. No matter how good your boss is.
  10. Need hosting? i have room

    I dont know much about local laws or how to check it. However i do know that no one will investigate claim unless you were owed $100+ dollars (i was owed $80 so i couldnt do anything). Its ok with my hosting, so everything should be fine. Also i am not 'selling' more then $100. I want enough to upgrade the server which is 2ppl for $4 or 1 person for $8. Thats less then $100 a year. Also i think you cannot sue someone unless its >= $1000. So unless i do this for more then 10yrs (which i dont plan to do) i wont get in trouble. If someone has a problem and takes it up with me i'll do something about it. This is to minor for anyone to care and i wont be making profit at all. Phresnel are you really into business or did people get you in trouble with rules before?
  11. So, i had a thought about a site. A site where people can go to show their stuff. Artist can post up art for a game, composers can show of their menu music, bomb sound effects, their power ups and programmers can find a fun project and work with others. I felt that writers need a little something to, and i know GOOD writers can give a character personality and flair which would make a game very enjoyable (who DOESNT like falco! (from starfox) :D) So i thought this site can allow them to strut their stuff and bring them together hopefully acting as a match maker and a resource for people. A composer may say anyone can use his/her sound and every project on the site that uses it can specify the sound causing a link to the original material and that piece on the composer page will say these project like it and has used it in their piece along with these people who did a remix of the composers piece and such. Then i though tagging would be nice so people can find stuff. Ala game programmer needs icons and there is a artist who solely does happy bright art which is exactly the type of icon that programmer needs. I am think i WILL do this site. I just don't know what if i want to modify or extend what i said about :D. I am thinking this should act as a resume as well and wonder what additions would perk employers eyes while looking at someones resume on site. Of course that wont be a priority. Searching for art/sound/writers and projects is high up there. I am thinking projects dont need to be open source and material on site does not have to be free. Although i imagine most will have a licenses saying anything you want as long as you dont use sell it nor bundle it with anything sold w/o permission.
  12. Need hosting? i have room

    I checked it out, as long as i dont give anyone root access i am fine :)
  13. My IQ score

    I got 132... how did i do that? considering there is only 38 questions each right answer is worth 4.6. It seems like i got 29/38 questions right (roughly 75%). According to the FAQ i am gift ("130 - 144 Gifted (2.3% of test takers)"). i'm sure there are well over 2.3% of people who can get at least 75% or more. This was a ok time killer. I didnt feel the test was bias or anything. I notice it tricks you into wasting time :D. And i guess 2 questions because i didnt want to sit there for minutes trying to figure out (read as think and guess) the questions.
  14. Need hosting? i have room

    There is no web hosting cheaper then this to suit my needs. I am looking for 2 or so more users so i can upgrade to run more complex scripts (and for SVN+TRAC).
  15. Need hosting? i have room

    I have a virtual server and almost no hits on my sites and lots of unused bandwidth (i use up like 1/10 of what i have). So i am willing to offer a deal. I'll offer hosting for $4 a month which can run php, python and more (send me an email for more info). My server backup my site automatically twice a day so you'll get that too. If i can get 2 people who are interested i'll upgrade the server to provide SVN+TRAC hosting for your private projects.