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  1. Hey, i am using Bundler ( Camera Calibration Software on a set of unordered images. This gives me : the focal length two radial distortion coeffs 3x3 matrix representing the camera rotation 3-vector describing the camera translation I want to calculate the modelview matrix and the projection matrix for every image, but i dont know how. Can anyone help me ?
  2. Pinkapanda

    Voxel Set to Mesh

    Hey, I want to create a mesh, for example with the marching cubes algorithm. I have a vector of voxels, consisting of a X,Y,Z position and a RGB color code. I obtained the voxels using space carving from a set of unordered images. at, there is an implementation of marching cubes, but it uses a list of densitiy values as an input. and i dont know how to convert my voxels to a densities. any help, either with converting my input or with using another implementation, would be appreciated! thanks a lot!
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