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    Python : Books?

    Thanks tufflax for info on a python book, and oler1s this does say "beginner forum" so if i didnt realize that i missed out a capital letter and its against the "rules" then i stand corrected any way thanks alot for answering my MUD questions it helped alot. "Can you give us examples? (Of the tutorials and what you considered unnecessary.)" I mean the parts of tutorials i need for MUD's, for exapmle i dont need "Hello world" To play a big plan in my MUD, so what im saying is is that while im waisting my time on "Hello world" I could be learning loops etc. This is anoying when the only tutorials i can find are for general python programing not game programing.
  2. richell

    Python : Books?

    hello, if youve been watching these forums you might have seen some of my previous threads/posts, in them i suggested getting a book. So im looking to see if you have any suggestions on a particular book you liked when learning python (beginner), im also wandering if i can use python to make a MUD (multi user dungeon) if so, do you have any tips on making a MUD in python? and what should i be learning? (im reading tutorials just to find that parts of them arent needed). thanks :)
  3. richell

    Python : libarys?

    Recently ive started to learn python, to "fulfill" my dream of becoming a game designer. i originally chose python after starting to get very fustrated with c++ (not my first language but the syntax was different form html and php lol). My first idea was to search google for any tutorials (i also searched here and youtube), but although they taught me how to say "hello world" what i really needed to know was how simple a libary was to import into my python program/game. i'd also like to know how i import an image from my computer to the game via paint (who needs photoshop?) no doubt theres somthing like a "import ###image address###" command, but being a begginer i sadly dont know it, can anyone shine some light on my problem? thanks.
  4. richell

    browser-based games

    for a browser based game (in my experiance) you'll need a understanding in php and html with also a decent database to recall users stats etc. try to get some one else to do the database because i was using "MYsql" command line and it was hard to find tutorials etc also juggling between the coding and making the database (dont forgot the website design, probably css aswell). maybe making a "MUD" (multi user dungeon) then you can make your self money at the same time your users can experiance the book or story that you have written.
  5. richell

    python for games?

    hello, recently ive started python programing after hearing it was easy to pick up (ive done a bit of css html c++ the lot but failed after the basics) so my question is can you use python for game programing? (im going to make a rpg) what ever happens im probably going to use it but i need some feedback or tips to point me in the right direction (or links to tutorials) i understand its not the ideal language to use but ive given a liking to it and hopefully buying a book about it soon. yours sincerely richell~
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