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  1. Hello everyone, I didn't know exactly where to post this however this section appeared to be relevant. I have a rather detailed game project in my mind and am thinking of starting a company once I get some starting funds together. I'm 20 years old and planning on becoming a primary school teacher as I like kids, its a guaranteed job and money and the shorter hours would make it easier to organize this other endeavor. I have a few...I guess questions but they are more for people to throw ideas around and suggest things about how I should accomplish this goal. 1. How many people would it take to make a TES-like RPG (in a sense that it is a sandbox, first person, 3d RPG - nothing more) with much of the content (quests, people, story) procedurally generated? For example "Mount & Blade" was made by a team of 6 I believe, the husband and wife started it but more members were added later. 2. Are there any programmers out there? I'm curious about the salary you expect, the conditions and your ability to problem solve (for example if I give the broad idea of deformable terrain, should they be able to accomplish it?). 3. What sort of development environment would be the best approach? An open source 3d engine or a fully developed video game suite (DX Studio comes to mind). I may add some more but it'd be great to just talk about this and get some other (hopefully more experienced) opinions on the matter.
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