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  1. Quote:Original post by hplus0603 On UNIX, a ".a" is an "object achive" which is a static library, and a ".so" is a "shared object" which is a dynamic library. On Windows, you always link against a static library, but for DLLs, the static library is a simple stub that causes the dynamic library to be loaded. In this case, the ".a" file is the static library (link library) for the system-supplied ws32_2.dll dynamic link library. And this probably ain't the right forum to discuss how compilers and linkers work, but I'll let it slide this time :-) Cool thanks for the info... I am learning more everyday =). I was able to get the linking to work. In code blocks under the tab settings-> compiler and debugger you can set the global compiler settings for the linker and search directories. So I had to add the .a file to the link libraries: under the linker settings tab. And the include and lib files under the search directories tab. One more question I asked previously... If I #include <winsock2> vs. #include "winsock2.h" what is the difference?
  2. Quote:Original post by Erik Rufelt Winsock is in the standard library folder, the same as all windows libraries that are automatically linked in, so you shouldn't have to add a directory, just add WS2_32.lib to the link libraries. I found this link, though for another library but the same rules should apply: If you scroll down to the screenshot you see two windows, you only need to worry about the project settings, the left one, since the library is in the standard folder. Where you see it says winmm, gdi32, etc. you should add ws2_32, in that Project Build options dialog on the Linker tab. I found libws2_32.a at C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\MinGW\lib - Is this what you were referring to? Do you know what a "*.a" file is in this case... Is it an assembly file? That link helped a bit at least I can add libraries now, maybe I have to set up a template. I will keep learning code blocks and try to post a solution in case anyone has the same issue. Thanks for your help thus far.
  3. Quote:Original post by Erik Rufelt They can be done like that I think.. I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and I just go into project settings and add them there instead though. Try google for "code blocks add linker libraries" or similar. I tried it and found that you can rightclick your project in the workspace list, choose Build Options, and then the Linker tab, and add libraries there. If you have more problems, someone who uses the same IDE will probably see your topic soon =) hmm i am still having problems linking in code blocks. I can edit the Global Variables theres an option to set up base, include, lib and obj variables. The problem here is that only one folder can be set up?? So if i am using irrlicht i cant use winsock2? Maybe i am missing the basics of linking is there a good reference for this? PS> been a while since I coded last I was using Dev ++.
  4. Magfuse

    Which Engine to use?

    I will check out the nehe... but I am also toying with winsock code. Yeah, check out blender! I saw this one boolean subtract level editor on youtube that was pretty cool too make tunnels and stuff.. I hope stuff like this gets implemented in blender engine. I cant find the video anymore though.
  5. Quote:Original post by Erik Rufelt Yes it's a linking problem. Your #includes however are correct, but they are 'headers', not 'libraries', they are different things. I'm not sure how to do it in the Code:Blocks IDE, but you need to somehow link the library WS2_32.lib to your project. It will probably be under project settings and linker input files. would this be a pragma statement?
  6. I am trying out some code I found in a MUD book to create a socket. I am getting errors about undefined references. Ex. undefined reference to `_socket@12' undefined reference to `_WSAStartup@8' I think it is a linking issue or maybe the library i am using. I am using Code:Blocks IDE Here are my includes: #include <iostream> #include "winsock2.h" #include "ws2tcpip.h" Does the order matter? And does it matter if I write them like this? #include <iostream> #include <winsock2.h> #include <ws2tcpip.h> Is there a library in Code:Blocks I should use instead of winsock2.h? Also I searched the forums but could not reply to retired threads... here is another thread I looked at for similar errors. Is there a better reference for this stuff? I am using th Mud Game Programming book... he states not to use int for sockets and use the typedef but his code uses int. =/.
  7. Magfuse

    Any Ideas on my Game?

    Quote:Original post by Ryan123 Thanks for the posts guys! It's funny that you mentioned Wall Street Kid, because the other group in TSA at my school is making their game about the stock market. Anyways, thanks again, and we will definietly consider your ideas. The stock market sim might be cool... I remember this Patent Board game as a kid and that was cooler. It was like monopoly somewhat but you had to get Patents. I agree with hypno that your previous idea was ambitious. If you want to make something educational yet simple. I have always wanted a music ear trainer. Where notes are played and you have to guess the note. There are 12 notes in our music (not sure but mellismatics uses 13??!) so it would be a great way to train your ears. Its like simon says but with sounds instead of colors and 12 sounds. A (A#Bb) B C (C#Db) D (D#Eb) E F (F#Gb) G (G#Gb) Each note has something called Timbre (I think its pronounced "TAMBER") I think of timbre like the instrument. For example you can sing a C note but then you can play it on a guitar or Banjo or Erhu and they all sound a bit different but they are the same note. Maybe you can assign colors to each sound... it would be cool to find out what color a multiple of a sound wave length would be and use that. I think the rainbow is yellow in the center and purple on the edges. Redpurple to bluepurple? The Blue portion is on the inside of the rainbow maybe that means it has a shorter wavelength?? Also you can teach music notation. But thats just an idea. If you make it I would love to test it out. Oh and the coding should be simple.... but you can always make it difficult. If you want to make it harder you can add sequences switch octaves or make the user guess the frequency in HZ. HARDCORE! Even musicians debate where middle C is. Checkout this site: [Edited by - Magfuse on December 19, 2008 4:21:17 PM]
  8. Magfuse

    Any Ideas on my Game?

    Quote:Original post by WavyVirus Quote:Original post by Guthur Gave me an idea (love this site for inspiration :p ) what about a Lemonade Stand Simulator (LeSS) :). hhh sounds crap i know but i'm serious, business simulation games have been used before in education, Capitalism games come to mind; it might be the geek in me but i actually quite like that game. Anyway I'll leave the joy of filling in the details to you :). I remember in school we had a game called "Tea Shop" on an old BBC computer, and all the kids practically tore each other apart for a chance to play it I played Oregon Trail... that was cool. I saw a game about garage sales and selling stuff... It got published.
  9. Magfuse

    Which Engine to use?

    Quote:Original post by kutraj To be very honest with you, I'd suggest starting with OpenGL. This might be contrary to other people's suggestions though, but I think the best way to pickup stuff is to start from the barebones. That way, you'd have a grasp of lot of the low-level stuff, before you start abstracting it out with other higher-level engines. Given your requirement, I think Horde3D and Nebula2 would definitely be total overkill. You might want to look at Irrlicht too, which is rather lightweight and doesn't require fancy shader model support. Please stay away from Torque unless you're writing a multiplayer FPS or similar. Besides that, what might your currently language of choice be? If you're working with C#, you might want to look at XNA too. Irrlicht also has a number of wrappers for other languages too. I have downgraded my own game goal from a pinball game to a cube tic tac toe game. I do think irrlicht will be good and I think learning OpenGL fundamentals is a necessary step to where I want to be. I hear Nehe was a good reference are there any others you recommend? Or maybe a book? Also I have learned about the Blender Game Engine and I am anxious to sink my teeth into it. From what I heard its like a WYSIWYG Game engine... SWEET!! XNA seems like a lot of work in the DirectX arena... But there was a book with a simple car game that I could mod into the pinball game I think.
  10. Magfuse

    Irrlicht Engine DevPak

    Quote:Original post by kutraj Just a quick note - Irrlicht has reached version 1.5! It sees some much-required reworks. There's no devpak, though you can still use Irrlicht with DevC++ (as well as Visual Studio EE and C::B) Ogre is far better designed IMO. Opinions vary though. Just search Google for an Irrlicht vs. Ogre thread and you'd get a long list. I guess they' d even be pretty up-to-date as its a very frequently asked question. :) I have read conflicted reports on this... I think Irrlicht will be good for my purpose a 3D cube game. Also it is implemented without a lot of dependencies. I think I might check out the blender game engine next especially with the free game and source released. Is there an engine that is 2D compositor with Photoshop effects and such. Maybe a GIMP graphics engine... wishful thinking?? Quote:Original post by kutraj Yup, agree. I haven't used DevC++ myself for a few years now. I just thought I'd add a bit over here. If you're on Windows, and you want to use minGW, Code::Blocks is the way to go, I guess. I do have my own reservations about Visual C++ and Microsoft. The prime one being you cannot write programs utilizing OpenMP with the Express Editions, which I think is very unfortunate. There are other threading libraries agreed, but this move on MS's part seems a little painful to me. I haven't tried MSVC 2008 EE - my internet connection doesn't allow me to download something as big as that yet :( I really hate m$ but I like their hacked stuff. =)! I would like to a bare minimum microsoft OS "Windows Essentials" or an OS devoted to Gaming... "GameOS" Lol Sometimes I even close explorer while I am browsing and use Ctl-Alt-Del to run progams. I think backdoors are left in windows intentionally. I recommend Ubuntu Studio for those who want to try something new... I will definitely try out Code Blocks. Lol i haven't upgraded since Dev Cpp way back.
  11. Magfuse

    Irrlicht Engine DevPak

    Is there an update to this?? Also how does Ogre compare now since a couple of years have passed... or perhaps there are other choices I should look into??!
  12. Magfuse

    Which Engine to use?

    Well I was reading this thread and it seems like was started several years ago... is there an update to what other engines are out there?? I have found and engine called nebula2 and I looked at Horde3D but are there any other good engines I should look at. I have thought about Torque also. MY GOAL: I would like to make a primitive low poly 3D pinball game.
  13. Magfuse

    Any Ideas on my Game?

    Lol the dog thing reminded me of a game idea i posted.... also your post brought to mind a game I hated "Wall Street Kid" for the NES. I could never figure this game out. It basically was a stock market trainer but I sucked at it and never made enough money to buy the castle. EPIC FAIL.
  14. Magfuse

    Open ended broken quests

    Way Walker -- heh Everyone said that alot in my QA dept... "Its not a bug its a game feature" oh and "janky" that was one we used alot. I got this most memorably in Ultima 9 where I killed a wizard. And a whole bunch of ogres. I think there was a quest but I messed up story progression at that point and had to quit since i wasn't going to restart. =/
  15. Magfuse

    Getting into Game design.

    I did QA and I felt like I was wasting myself... I too do a bit of coding and wanted to be more hands on with development. But where I worked we never saw the code or even spoke to devs unless we broke the game. I did that a couple of times and my visits with the devs we not greeted with earnest. In fact I think they hated me for finding bugs. But at least I got to speak with them and see the emulators with debugging the game. Anyways, I am on here because I need real experience too. In the U.S. we call CO-OP's internships. At least that's what I think you were referring to. So, I want to join a mod team or something. I don't recommend Quality Assurance to anyone except that it will build your endurance, test your heart, and mold you into a perfectly underpaid employee. At the same time you may get to meet people that work in the industry and get their first hand experiences. I guess I kinda feel empty too like my life is meaningless... My friend couldn't handle it so he did in with himself. Unfortunately, theres no extra lives in RL. I wish that he was still around but thats what caused me to quit work in QA. Let me know how it goes for you cause I am in the same situation somewhat. It seems like the industry is guarded hard to break into.
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