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  1. Trence666

    How To Understand Codes.

    Oh and yeah I understand C++ a bit, and I was thinking about learning C# I think it is, because it has double the make time I'm pretty sure I should look into it more.
  2. Trence666

    How To Understand Codes.

    Well see I wanted to make my own code/game that is very small that I can practice on and experiment .
  3. Can anybody help me understand them better ? With a link to a guide or anything ?
  4. Trence666

    Any good C++ guides?

    That are free? Like on Google ect ? I have read like 10-20 pages on C++ I was going to buy the book but I don't have the money atm ^_^ Please post or PM me of any good free guides.
  5. Trence666

    Come Help Me Please! Need Information!

    Ah alright, kinda wasn't looking to spend money but whatever ^_^ Thanks guys !
  6. I am 14 trying to become a computer programmer, I read a lot of pages on C++ Compilers, I basically know the basics, I would like somebody to help me if they had the time to further understand game programming and how to make a small game for me the practice on new experiments ect. I would like to learn codes and such, and I am willing to learn a lot more because as I understand game programming takes a lot of skill practice and mathematics. Please PM Me or anything if you can help me with this matter.
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