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  1. hey what kind of code would i use to make something work like capitan america's shield from the video game .Where he could throw it out and even jump over it and it would come from behind back to him
  2. Iam going to get a Book on c++ .But i wanted to know why all the code in the how to book's are diffrent .I know they write there own code but how and how do they put a sprite with a code like for a plane. Why is there such different code for c++
  3. is the gameinstitute really a good start if there is not a school around here i want to find someone that has atlest taking the courses or someone that knows if this will give u a good head start to get a intership
  4. iam tryin to see how to make a game like the 1992 x-men arcade game and i wanted to knowe is there any way to get all the code from the game so i can see how something like this is made and i live in greensboro,nc i want to become a programmer but i can't find any schools around here if someone could help with that to or let me know if i can find school text books online and what i need to start i want to learn c++ and iam trying to find a good book to teach me let me know if u know of a good one
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