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  1. Univeristy of Advancing Technology?

    Quote:Original post by allenburcham PS I have heard of Digipen and it's expensive and I know college is expensive but UAT is cheaper. UAT had a nasty habit while I was attending to increase tuition without explaining where those funds were going. When I first began attending in 2007, the tuition was approximately 7K a semester. By the time I left (About 1 year ago), it was around 9500. And don't forget, the 6000+ it costs to live in the dormitory for your first year (which is required). The dorm was in terrible condition when I left I'm going to echo other's suggestions that you get a computer science degree. You might think UAT is for you, but as is evident from the extremely large number of people who leave each semester, it is most likely not. Do some more research. It wouldn't hurt. (I left UAT due to increasing tuition, student's complaints and questions falling on deaf ears, and an overall lack of respect for the students from the administration, as well as a degree that was constantly changing, and requiring me to take new and different classes each semester.)
  2. I attended UAT for about 2 years. I will say this: About half of the people who attend there are grossly incompetent, and you will unfortunately have to deal with these people on a regular basis. (However, the other half range from brilliant, to exceptional in their field). In addition, for financial matters, you are mostly left in the dark, as well as what classes you need to take and when you will graduate. The dorms are a joke. You are required to live in them for your first year. Most things break on a regular basis, there are several holes in many of the rooms, and when we first moved into the dorms, we didn't have hot water for a good week and a half, and half of the place wasn't finished yet. Internet was not available for a month, and the "camera" system that was supposedly installed was not working for several months, giving a false sense of security, and several thefts took place in the dorms, with no action taken to solve the problem. On one occasion, during a fire safety check, a sprinkler accidentally exploded, and even though it was the school's fault completely they only reimbursed 3-500 of $3000 dollars in damage. From what I understand the situation has changed, as there is a newer resident director, who is absolutely great at her job, a caring person, and she's also a great English teacher. Only people living in the dorms may buy a parking pass, and park on campus. Otherwise you need to park across the street at Fry's Electronics. HOWEVER, many of the teachers are more than competent in their fields. They know what they are talking about. Phil Miller is one of the best teachers they have, and I hope he is still there. The school has a low retention rate, from my experience. I believe out of the several hundred people who came in with me, only about 25% are left as of this post. Several people who have graduated from UAT have done well. Some have not. They're desperately trying to rework their curriculum. From personal experience I would not recommend UAT. However, college is different for each person. The above information is (mostly) my opinion. There are some serious problems with the school's administration. The faculty is well trained and competent. It's your decision.