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  1. What you want to do is to make certain that the player is not blocked from accessing important areas within your room (treasure, exits, triggers, etc). So, after placing your objects, do a flood-fill from the entrance of the room and mark any unreachable areas as unreachable. Then you can either move important items in unreachable areas to reachable areas, or you can use some type of walk algorithm to tear down walls in between important-but-unreachable areas and the nearest reachable area. Playing around with your walk algorithm will give you good looking results.
  2. kru

    XNA or SlimDX?

    What information did you uncover that shifted your alignment toward SlimDX?
  3. For your raised rays, try: forward.X = (float)Math.Sin(currentAttitude)*(float)Math.Cos(currentHeading); forward.Y = (float)Math.Cos(currentAttitude); forward.Z = (float)Math.Sin(currentAttitude)*(float)Math.Sin(currentHeading);
  4. A mouse cursor controlled by thumbstick sounds quite annoying. Having a 'selected' planet that can be adjusted with one of the thumbsticks or the dpad is simple and intuitive enough. What is the need for total freedom of movement of your galaxy/solar system view? Why does the player need to rotate on all axis? What information or benefit is gained from that capability? I am assuming that the purpose of the galaxy interface is to show important information to the player about each galaxy, and facilitate quick transition to the solar system. If this is the case,it might be better to restrict the rotation of the galaxy to a single axis, controllable by one thumbstick, and let the other thumbstick control the selection box.
  6. Has anyone mentioned Arcanum? Highly technical contraptions tend to fizzle and explode or fail to work when in the presence of powerful magic users. And powerful magics sputter or are diminished in effectiveness when used against technical people or contraptions. Arcanum was a great setting. A wonderfully depressing game, though. Not your typical hero saves the world, but more of a hero uncovers a sad, sad chain of events.
  7. kru

    Final Fantasy Style Combat

    There are many (13? 14?) Final Fantasy games. Each one has unique features to both combat and character development. Which one are you referring to?
  8. This article reads like the average 10-minute post on the warhammer forums. I see no detailed analysis of, well, anything. Waste of time.
  9. kru

    Penalties for Quest/Mission Abort

    I like the idea of allowing someone else to carry the cargo on your behalf. Allow the player to act as the middle-man in a transaction, and not merely the courier. You'll need a reasonable amount of courier classes, and a sophisticated algorithm for each class to determine whether they'll accept the mission, steal the cargo, get robbed by pirates, how long they take to deliver, etc.. Simply "higher price = greater chance of success" is rather dull. Outsourcing in our RPGs, woohoo!
  10. kru

    TechnoGoth's Idea.

    It might help to link to the thread or website that describes the original idea.
  11. Quote:Original post by S-Dawg What about an object that runs independently of everything, takes in all the input etc, and then another class which takes a "snapshot" of what that object looks like currently and displays it to the screen? Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Sounds like the Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  12. kru

    Help with my "God Game"

    Take a look at pretty much any game made by Peter Molyneaux. Populous was his first big hit. Thats an easily achievable God simulation.
  13. The game would work just fine with a stylus. A stylus is slim and only obscures a small fraction of the space that a fat finger does. Does the iphone allow a stylus? I'd actually recommend that you look into some simple audio processing. Let people use their own mp3s as background music, and spawn squares in time with the music. Flash the background different colors, let some squares streak lights across the screen, and make liberal use of edge highlighting to give some of that Rez feel.
  14. kru

    Collect 'em all - how many is 'all'?

    I think this question is something that can only truly be answered during playtesting. If breeding your fish is really darn fun, then even 16,000 combinations might not be enough.
  15. You're on the right track with your thoughts about increasing the importance of positioning and spatial awareness within the game. In a typical Free for all or Team vs Team shooter, your spatial awareness is being maximized by tracking multiple objects in a complex environment. In a one vs one game using those same engines, your spatial awareness is not being stressed to the same extent. You will want to emphasize any design features that rely on awareness of the environment to succeed. Some ideas that have been used effectively in past games: Slowing down the player's movement speed, especially while strafing and moving backwards. Decreasing the player's offensive capability while moving or turning rapidly, which is usually done by reducing the accuracy of their shots. Allowing different body positions, crouched and prone, that offer a slimmer profile while reducing or eliminating movement. Allow the player to erect a limited number of projectile-stopping barriers (force fields, for example). Make the majority of your weapons range-limited, such as flame throwers, chainsaws or lightning guns. Create devices that act as distractions, such as noise-makers and decoys that will create the sound of footsteps fleeing down a hallway or some such. Allow damage taken from the rear or flanks to be greater. :)
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