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  1. Hi all, I'm new here so apologies if I'm asking a stupid question or am in the wrong forum. My task is to write an image onto the screen, 800*600 with RGB each 8bit at a blistering speed, the image is calculated using a semi-random algorythm applied to JPG images. I have written the program in C running under microsoft windows using opengl with the glDrawPixels() function but it is too slow. I need to write at about 30 frames/sec. The target system is restricted to a basic 1Ghz CPU using the intel 852GM graphics chip. The bottleneck seems to be in the opengl code. I don't actually need a graphics engine at all as the data I have is in a memory arrray of 800*600 in exactly the same format as the screen which is a fixed 800*600 LCD so if there was a simple way to just move the contents to the display, preferably using a dual buffer then this would suffice. I'm currently looking into DirectX to see if this is faster than openGL. Thanks in advance PaulC
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