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  1. Hi, thx for your answer Quote:Original post by fireworking Is there the ability to gradually stop emitting particles? Yes you have to decrease the emitters' flows at each frame with something like : emitter.changeFlow(-A * deltaTime); This function clamps the flow to [0,[. Once the flow reaches 0, the emitter is inactive. Once all emitters in a group are inactive and no more particles are alive, the group becomes inactive Quote:When you are listing the Versions, I suggest you do it in a more professional way. Well this is more or less the way I release stuff professionnaly as well: A.BB.CC A being version number BB being major release number (new features, modifications...) CC being minor release number (bug fixes and small modif...)
  2. List of free libraries

    SPARK Particle Engine : A free, opensource and multiplatform particle engine 2D/3D written in C++. (LGPL licence)
  3. Hello, let me introduce to you my particle engine library : SPARK is an opensource particle engine on CPU side written in C++. It was designed to be portable, configurable, evolving, and simple to use. Domains of applications of the library are mainly the rendering of 2D and 3D effect based on particles but it can also be used for light simulation of numerous physical entities. You can check the website at for a list of features, documentation, demos, downloads... The licence of SPARK is the lgpl so it is very permissive. Here are the keys for demos : F1 : changes the display of textF2 : displays or the bounding boxes. For SFML Demo : display or not the gridF3 : changes the rendering mode. For SFML Demo : displays or not the BGF4 : pauses the particle systemsSupp : reinit the particle systems Esc : quits the appMouse : moves the cameraMouse wheel : zoom in and out (on certain demos only) Specific demos keys :Fire Demo : space : activates or desactivates the smokeFountain Demo : space : switches to high or low graphicsRain Demo : +/- : changes the rain rateWriting Demo : left mouse button : adds particlesSFML Demo :F5 : Destroys all firesspace : activates or desactivates the smokeleft mouse button on empty tile : adds a fireleft mouse button on occupied tile : removes a fire Any comments, suggestions, questions are welcome ! A few screenshots : [Edited by - Frifron on January 5, 2009 6:13:27 PM]