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  1. Its quite un-believable really... the fact that my "Thread of Life" lived approximately 10 minutes. Haha! Quite funny when you think about it. Ah well... guess I saw it comin', there have been so many thread like it... some of them reached seriously high numbers too. So that's that I guess. Fissure.
  2. Aah that reminds me... Inuyasha. It was one of the greatest anime ever for me... that was until the last episode. It ended in such a gay way... I was angry for days. After watching it for so long it ends on a incomplete story, for example, the main character never defeats his enemy or his friend never gets the black hole removed from his hand. Basically the anime ended leaving you with way to many questions. Fissure.
  3. and number 3.
  4. Number 2...
  5. Welcome to the The Thread of Life, just for the fun of it... I decided to create this thread and see how high we can get the number of posts to be :D. So yeah guys, post anything you like(as long as it goes along with the rules)! This is spam-heaven, you can multi-post too! Good luck, Fissure.
  6. I'm sorry dude I can't seem to figure out what you're trying to tell me. Basically are you trying to tell me to make a back-up copy of my Windows XP? and then to install Windows Vista but make sure that I don't make any mistakes? Thanks again, Fissure.
  7. Well guys I already mentioned that I have Firefox :). Haha EU you say? Those fuckers are just bein' stupid... there's a thread dedicated to this, if you are interested please have a look. Although I doubt you don't know what I'm talking about. Thank you, Fissure.
  8. Thanks for your post mate, quite informative :). So I'm guessing I'm on the right lines judging by your post. I've installed XP(first) and have two separate partitions. The next step would be to install Vista right? Would the installer be able to pick-up the second partition or are there tasks that must be performed? When you say "Of course, take backups of your data before you do this on an existing system! Re-partitioning of a hdd with the tools supplied by Windows installer will effectively cause you to lose the data on the drive." what do you mean precisely? Am I under a risk of losing data? If so please state how. Thank you, Fissure.
  9. zer0wolf and benryves: Well I didn't really re-download it... wouldn't have the same effect as re-installing it from "Add Remove Programs"? Later I'll go re-download it and if again it doesn't work I'll try downloading Internet Explorer 8(beta). Nik02: Haha of course I have :) and the result was that the same error message appears. Thank you for trying to help me using information collected from 'multiple' threads :), but I can assure you that has nothing to do with the problem as Internet Explorer was working for a good while after the partition 'creation' process. OK, so the plan is to download Internet Explorer again. If you guys do have the solution please post. Thanks guys, Fissure.
  10. Well I already have Firefox my friend. But Internet Explorer has its own "ups" you know, some site for example can't live without Internet Explorer's ActiveX support, E.G. www.instantaction.com. That's why I want it back. So please tell me how or cut the shit ;). Haha, jokin'. Thank you, Fissure.
  11. Hello again guys. this would be the first time anything like this has happened to me. Basically whenever I click the Internet Explorer icon I always get the following error: Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search. That also happens when anything tries to run Internet Explorer... it even happens if I run the program in its "No Add-ons" "mode". I've tried to search for an unanswer and found nothing, here's what I've tried: 1) Restoring edited system files(through a command in "Run" that I don't remember) 2) "Uninstalling" and "re-installing" the program through "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. If this has ever happened to you guys or if you know the solution to the problem, please post :). Edit - the command was "sfc /scannow". Edit - the directory "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" does exist, so do the files. Thanks, Fissure.
  12. Well didn't mean to generalise so much, haha sorry about that :), also I wasn't calling anyone a nerd... I was just kind of replying to someone who said you have to be a nerd to watch anime. Oh, and yes mntlinstituteflr, that was my fault, sorry. EDIT - I'm kinda suprised about all those words... didn't know people made so many "catagories"... neo sounds kinda cool, haha. Fissure.
  13. Hello again, haha :). Recently I decided that I wanted two OSs on my computer... Windows XP on partition A(which I have now) and Windows Vista on partition B. So what I did was get "Norton ParitionMagic 8.0" as it seems to be the best when it comes to partitions and then split my hard drive into two paritions. The question would be... what should I do next in order to install Vista? I mean I tried some experiments which didn't work at all. For example when I made the second partition I restarted my computer and then loaded the Windows XP installation CD. I then went on to the part of the installation which allows you to select the partition that you want to install Windows XP on, for some reason only one partition showed up... the partition which already had XP on it, the other one wasn't there at all. I still need to get my Windows Vista installation CD which is why I didn't use one for the "experiment". If you guys have any ideas please mention them. Thanks guys, Fissure.
  14. That was pretty direct... well I obviously didn't mean that all adults have to hate it or all kids/teens have to like it. Therefore your assumption was wrong ;). Fissure.
  15. Hmm, well I used to know HTML(and CSS) and javascript at one point but I thought it was pretty useless because so many programs could do the same thing(of course with the sad addition of "horribly formed HTML") so I dropped it and began learning C++ and other APIs because they could help me more in the future. Well since Microsoft Expression seems to be getting the hands up I'll try that. Also if you gutys don't mind keep up the recommendations :). Fissure.