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    Art Advice Needed!! How can I improve this splash screen?

    Oluseyi: Epic. Wai: This made me laugh. I'll try redoing the wizard and post the results.
  2. Is there any reason you're not using BufferStrategy? I'm getting perfectly reasonable fps drawing a 600x480 png background image every frame. Granted I don't think it has any transparency... Otherwise you may want to convert your image to a .jpg or .gif to see if that improves things.
  3. Quote:Original post by cordel Okay people I've solved that problem but I've a new one (: I want to create a dynamic array using a copy constructor.I have a 10 cell array of OBJECT (when the object has 2 fields: rectangle and triangle), but when I'm trying to create 10 more cells (which means: the previous amount + 10 more) the eclipse throws an error. where is my mistake ? *** Source Snippet Removed *** When I try to make a temporary 'ShapeContainer' with tempShape , it goes into the copy constructor ,and for some reason it stucks there and throws an error. What am I doint wrong ? thanks ! As far as I can tell you have your constructor a little backwards... Are you trying to create a new ShapeContainer based on an existing one? If so you should be doing this: public ShapeContainer (ShapeContainer other) { // Copy constructor for ShapeContainer. allPairs=new Pair[other.allPairs.length + RESIZE]; for (int i=0; i<others.allPairs.length; i++) allPairs = new Pair(other.allPairs); // Since Pair is an object... reccount=new int[other.reccount.length + RESIZE]; for (int i=0; i<others.reccount.length; i++) reccount = other.reccount; tricount=new int[other.tricount.length + RESIZE]; for (int i=0; i<others.tricount.length; i++) tricount = other.tricount; } Note that you need a "copy constructor" for Pair since it is an object. Otherwise I'm a little confused by your add(Rectangle r) method...
  4. CrateMassacre

    [java] Best approach to serialization

    Quote:Original post by Angex You could try managing the "serialVersionUID" yourself, depends on the changes you make to the classes. Have a look at the Version Control section in this article. (It's near the bottom). Ooh, didn't know about this feature, thanks! This should help in the short term. As a more long term solution I was indeed thinking of saving game data to XML or an equivalent format. What are some good libraries for reading/writing XML in java? I see there is a "javax.xml" package in the standard libraries but at a glance I'm not really sure where to start...
  5. Hi all, In your experience, what is the best approach to serializing objects in Java? By best I mean a combination of simple, powerful (for example able to serialize an Array or ArrayList), and durable. The last one is really important because so far I have been using the Serializable interface, and getting lovely "local class incompatible" errors every time I change the classes whose instances are being serialized. Given that I'm actively developing these classes this is simply unworkable, not if I also want to start making levels (I'm working on a mario-style platformer). The flip side is that my current serialization code is less than 50 lines. But I am very willing to trade additional complexity in exchange for levels that don't break every time I recompile.
  6. CrateMassacre

    Art Advice Needed!! How can I improve this splash screen?

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow Um you don't have the rights to use that image, do you? Oof, well you got me there... however if I do find some creative commons/otherwise amicably licensed photograph, are there filters/procedures for making it look "cartoony", like the main character? My problem is that I drew the main character (Inkscape), and I definitely do not feel up to drawing the wizard. Otherwise thanks for the tips. Any other suggestions?
  7. Hello all, So yes, the title should pretty much sum up my question :) Please take a look at the image below and tell me what you think, especially how you think it could improved! http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image=splashscreenow3.png My main concern here is with the semi-transparent wizard-looking guy. My goal was to have an ominous merlin character hovering somewhere in the background, commanding Miloshe to undertake his dangerous and quite possibly deadly quest. Unfortunately he ended up clashing with the color scheme and the fade-out effect just makes him look anemic... For reference the wizard was extracted from this image: http://bigyellowtaxi.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/dumbledore.jpg Thanks! Edit What kind of effects/filters would make the wizard (or any other photo) fit in with the rest of the screen? [Edited by - CrateMassacre on January 10, 2009 9:22:17 PM]
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