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  1. Hi all, my name is Khang Le and founder of Adhesive Games. We're currently hiring for many aspect of game development. More info from the links. Thank you and please pass this news around. [url=""]http://forums.adhesi...ewforum.php?f=9[/url] [url=""][/url] [img][/img]
  2. Multiplayer FPS server cost

    so does a game like Halo or COD 4 have dedicated servers? or they only match making and the players themselves host their own games? here is an example of my worries of creating an XBLA FPS multiplayer - lets say it's a miracle and the game sold 100K copies on XBLA. so there are 100K possible players wanting to play online. The game is 32 player max per game. - so how much would it cost to maintain the game experience for 100K players per month? - i'm new at this so please forgive me if my questions are silly.
  3. what is the cost of maintaining a FPS XBLA multiplayer game? I know many of these FPS game developers doesn't host the games but more like match making service. I was browsing google but couldn't find any info. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!