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  1. Today Epic Games has released the unreal editor 3 for free, titled "Unreal Development Kit" its now available for everyone to download! Check it out here http://www.udk.com
  2. Torque Game Builder Question

    Ok i have a little game that i wanna test, on there website it claims the torque game builder is able to build games for mac, pc, iphone, the web etc etc, how do i publish/build it to work for the web a web-based game?
  3. Best Game Engine?

    ok, thanks for taking your time guys
  4. Best Game Engine?

    Ok well heres a list of game engines im interested in and you vote which one is good 1. Game Maker- Preview 2. The Games Factory 2- Preview 3. Multimedia Fusion 2- Preview 4. XNA Game Studio 3.0- Preview 5. Unity (3d and 2d games)- Preview 6. Torque Game Builder- Preview 7. Adobe Flash- Preview
  5. Best Game Engine?

    well I would like to keep things simple for now so a game like super mario bros and then get into more complex games with particle effects, and something like Alien Homined
  6. Best Game Engine?

    Whats the best game engine to develop 2d games for the pc? I've tried flash actionscript but theres just not that many tutorials out there, unless you can provide a site with current actionscript tutorials i'd be glad to go back to flash..... thanks in advance