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  1. ik-tag

    The Process of Creating Music

    Many thanks! But no. Just delete it. If I want to write another one (the good one) - I'll do it later. I have my reasons. Sorry for your time
  2. ik-tag

    The Process of Creating Music

    Thanks to everyone! I didn't mean to spam or advert myself, I already did it via classfields here. The article was written special for developer's blog and I just wanted to share it with the community. It pretty lacks on details, I should agree.   jbadams, I would try to edit the article. But I'm not an english-speaker. There could be mistakes  Anyway, you can delete the article. I don't want to begin my "journey" here with a shame. Sorry for that, some day I'll find some time to write a real good one.
  3. ik-tag

    So You Want to Hire a Composer

    xiaoan, I can tell that you are a bit wrong about libraries (your words about "something"). They became a strong tool nowadays. People just need to learn to use them. Everyone has them, but only small amount of people could use'em in a proper way.
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