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  1. Ready for some action! Looking for serious projects. https://soundcloud.com/ik-sound/the-adventurer
  2. Looking for some more projects for now :)
  3. Good day to all of you!   We posted some of our soundtracks to bandcamp. You can listen to them or buy some, if you like http://ik-sound.bandcamp.com/music You are welcome!
  4. Nice and cool, really :) Thanks!
  5. Good piece but very generic one. We hear this type of music everywhere. Nathan is right. Choir should only be included to strengthen your accents. One more thing: your choir's notes are quantized too much. Some samples have bigger attack than others, you should move them left, each of them in it's own position. Less quantization = less robotic sound :)
  6. xiaoan, I can tell that you are a bit wrong about libraries (your words about "something"). They became a strong tool nowadays. People just need to learn to use them. Everyone has them, but only small amount of people could use'em in a proper way.
  7. Sonar is my love ;) And nothing else matters. Though, Reaper is very good, too.
  8. Yes, it's a good article. But I think we must listen to our music not only as a listeners, but as a gamers. We create music for games and it is very important to be a gamer first. How would gamers listen to the theme? Will it interfere with the gameplay and irritate people? Will they remember the leitmotif or just dive into the atmosphere, created by our track? It is very difficult issue. But I think that it is as hard as simple 
  9. You and your mic, I think  "Music generator" - I hope they'll never invent such a thing .. 
  10. Whoa again! I'm running to get "Shire Whistle" right now 
  11. Yes! Exactly. This is the first thing you must think about when you start composing music.
  12. Sometimes there is no problem when music is clashing with SFX. It depends on what type of SFX you create. It is hard to give you a proper advice without hearing your music/SFX. There are thousands of variations. You can make atonal or non-musical sound effects for example. But there are SFX that clash with music harmony but cause no earache   Look for another game examples.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=LMYY-FLtCKw#t=125 This game has lots of tonal SFX. And no one is clashing with music so much.
  13. Speaking of Eduardo Tarilonte. I own "Forest Kingdom II" and "Era: Medieval Legends". There are some rare instruments. With the new Engine update it became more stable. As a result, scratches in convolution reverb are gone    And of course, the greatest library ever made: "Complete Composers Collection 2 Pro". Haven't bought it yet. But planning to do this next year  .
  14. Simply great libraries! But a bad, bad, very bad sampler Engine 2, which crashes permanently. It is impossible to work with it. PLAY Engine is a WAY better and more stable than this one ...