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  1. Problem creating an .exe with py2exe

    [quote name='PaladinJohn' timestamp='1313116916' post='4848070'] -snip-[/quote] Hi, I have written a game with Python too. It imports quite a lot of external modules (though pygame isn't one of them). I don't have much experience with py2exe, though, as I use cx_freeze to distribute my app and it works perfectly. I made that choice over py2exe long ago, and I don't remember why exactly, but cx_freeze turned out to be better for my needs. I suggest you try it, and see if it works. Go there: [url=""][/url] I [i]might[/i] be able to help you with cx_freeze since I know the structure of its output better than that of py2exe. (PS- If you're interested to see the final result for the game, you can [url=""]download it[/url]. The game itself is frozen with cx_freeze. Then, I made a tiny launcher with NSIS, so that I could bury all the DLLs inside the "data\bin" folder. That way, it's friendlier to the end-user that has just unzipped the game: they don't have to face a bunch of files with cryptic names.) EDIT - Here is the structure of my (sorry about the borked spaces) [code]import sys from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable includefiles = [] if sys.platform.startswith('win'): includefiles.append( ("win32\\dll", ".") ) # my custom dlls are there options = { "icon": 'win32/citronicon.ico', "include_files": includefiles } mybase = None if sys.platform.startswith('win'): mybase = "Win32GUI" cible_1 = Executable( script = "", base = mybase, compress = False, copyDependentFiles = False, ) setup( name = "main", version = "0.4", description = u"game name", author = "me", options = {'build_exe':options}, executables = [cible_1] )[/code]
  2. How to get people to play my free, finished game?

    [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1313070917' post='4847677'] [quote name='Knackebrod' timestamp='1313069779' post='4847671'] Yeah, I was afraid the game could be a bit weird. For example when I watch people playing it, they almost never use the shield even though it's crucial in the later levels. I thought, oh well that's my first game, it can't be perfect [/quote] Have you asked why they don't use it? Maybe you could add something that pops up and says, "use your shield more!" if they are never using it. [/quote] I guess they just don't think about it because they're too busy blowing stuff up. Even when I tell them, they don't use it -- I'm testing the game on mostly casual players, maybe 2 action buttons is the right amount for a casual game and 3 is too much to manage? I did put reminders at the beginning of some levels, but some people just skip any screen that has text on it. Like you said, an in-game reminder could be the most efficient way. [quote name='0Circle0' timestamp='1313074020' post='4847703'] Another EDIT: In the event of porting to a phone one must look at the memory imprint as phones are limited, ....[/quote] Well, among those 24 megs, a lot is due to Python and its libraries, so that would be gone if I rewrote it in the phone's "native" language. Also, I could shrink all images to a lower resolution, the current images are nice for a high-def PC screen but overkill for a phone screen. I'd also probably get rid of the music. All in all, the core game assets could easily fit in 2 megs, if not less. What puts me off the most, though, is rewriting the entire game in another language. That's 210 KB of python code to rewrite plus a switch to another input/graphics library since I don't think SFML has been ported to phones yet. Plus the inevitable debugging. I would probably give it a shot if there was a reliable way to run python on mainstream phones, but there doesn't seem to be -- that's a lot of work, and since I've worked on this game a lot already, I think I'd rather work on a fresh, new project, this time with phone compatibility in mind (i.e. no python).
  3. How to get people to play my free, finished game?

    [quote name='0Circle0' timestamp='1313068434' post='4847661'] Looks very nice, not something you can just jump into with out reading the controls . Tried that, didn't work out well. I like the graphics and intro was a nice touch. Putting the control keys close together was a plus too. Make sure you put a link to your game in the youtube video description, some people will play through there. [/quote] I just did. Thanks for the idea Yeah, I was afraid the game could be a bit weird. For example when I watch people playing it, they almost never use the shield even though it's crucial in the later levels. I thought, oh well that's my first game, it can't be perfect [quote name='Serapth' timestamp='1313068769' post='4847664'] First off, congrats. To even finish a game is an impressive feat, but yours appears quite impressive. As to getting people to play it, thats the tricky part... These days, casual free games are in one of two places... Flash or iPhone/Android. I just don't know what you would do otherwise... maybe upload it to a shareware download service like [/quote] I'll try to do that. I thought of porting the game to phones, but it would require a complete rewrite since the game is mostly pure Python, so I didn't bother.
  4. How to get people to play my free, finished game?

    [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1313068291' post='4847659'] Do you have an english version? Looks groovy. I will be honest that I have no idea what is going on in the video, but it looks sweet [/quote] Thanks! and yup, the game lets you pick your language when you start it up for the first time. English is there, of course ;) I've translated the game to the languages I know, but if anyone wants to translate it to theirs, that would be awesome. Basically, you play as Tux and you have to blow up the white and red antennas (circles) with your ladle/bombs/cows. The lemon and the hammer try to prevent you from doing so by spawning more antennas onto the field, or by 'nailing' them so that they are harder to destroy. You can also capture the antennas so that you get bonus points and free health. The game progressively explains what to do, you're not thrown into intense "omg wtf is happening"-action from the beginning.
  5. How to get people to play my free, finished game?

    [quote name='Stefano A.' timestamp='1313061248' post='4847617'] What did you use to do the animated UI? [/quote] You mean the main menu and all that? I use [url=""]SFML[/url] for handling input, sound, and drawing sprites (saves me the hassle of messing with OpenGL). It's an excellent library. I wrote my own UI code on top of that (SFML itself is pretty low-level, it leaves it up to you to do these things). There's still much room for improvement in the UI, it's pretty simplistic and could be made to run much faster. But, since the UI code isn't used in the actual game loop, I decided I wouldn't waste time optimizing something that runs well enough, outside of the speed-critical routines. [quote name='TheCompBoy' timestamp='1313063887' post='4847630'] Wow this game looks realy good! Realy good job man! What langage did you use for this? [/quote] Thank you! It's a mix of Python and C++. Most of the code is Python, it is a beautiful language in my opinion. Some critical portions of the code ran too slow when implemented in pure Python, so I re-wrote them in C++ for a very noticeable speed boost. If you're interested, you can download the source code (but be warned, it's pretty messy in some parts).
  6. How to get people to play my free, finished game?

    [quote name='SillyCow' timestamp='1313060242' post='4847607'] How about posting a link where we can play it? [/quote] Right. I posted links in the original post. I am open to any suggestions.
  7. Hi everyone, I have made a little 2D arcade game over the past couple months. I drew inspiration from Centipede and Bomberman, but the gameplay is somewhat different. I have spent some time crafting nice graphics and polishing the interface so that it doesn't look like a half-baked game. I even made a little intro "cutscene" (although it's useless for that kind of game, but I thought it would be a plus). Now, I don't pretend to have made the best game in the entire universe, but it's fun to play for 10 minutes every now and then if you like to blow up stuff. [b]Since it was a lot of work for me, I'd like to spread the word about it so that people can play it and tell me what they think about it. I don't want to charge anything for the game.[/b] This is the first game that I manage to complete, so it'd be really encouraging for me to know that people have tried it out. [b]So fellow programmers, how did you promote your free game?[/b] Thanks for your time. EDIT: here are links: [list][*][url=""]Download links for Windows, Mac OS X, and source code[/url] (the game weighs in at about 18 MB)[/list][list][*][url=""]Gameplay video (YouTube)[/url][/list]
  8. OpenGL Distortion of texture on 2D Polygon

    Has no one really run into this problem before?
  9. OpenGL Distortion of texture on 2D Polygon

    I'm not using GL_POLYGON; the polygon is tessellated by a GLUtesselator. A triangle fan is a good idea for simple polygons, unfortunately I have to be able to render polygons with weird shapes, and a triangle fan couldn't do the job. I am writing a program that lets you draw arbitrary polygons and animate them. I wish to add a "texture mapping" function that would allow you to map a texture to a polygon, and distort the texture properly. (i.e. after you have mapped the texture to the polygon, if you move a vertex of the polygon, the texture should stretch or squeeze, depending on where you move it).
  10. Hi, I am working entirely in 2D with an orthogonal projection. I am trying to render a texture-mapped, triangulated polygon. The texture mapping coordinates (S,T) don't always match the spatial coordinates (X,Y) of the polygon, and through this I am hoping to achieve a "warping" effect on the texture. This means that for each vertex, if the X,Y coordinates of the vertex differ from its S,T coordinates, the texture should be distorted accordingly. Here is a picture of what I would like to do: And here is what is actually being rendered for now: I have seen a solution for this problem, which involves using the Q texture coordinate and adjusting the S and T coordinates. I have toyed with this for a while, but it only seems to work for quads. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Thanks in advance. /Knäckebröd PS: Links to the Q coordinate adjustment solution: one two