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  1. Annoying Little Things

    Just a little thread bump :D
  2. Annoying Little Things

      Thanks man, I feel relieved.
  3. Annoying Little Things

      145 MB is small, especially for a game this size, but if you have a slow internet connection then fair enough, I just tested the download from my end and it took 1 minute 12 seconds.
  4. Annoying Little Things

    Some Screens:     Trailer Before you go any further, if you're under 15 or easily offended you should not play this game! as it's meant to be crude, offensive and funny so only play if you have a thick skin and a good sense of humour. this is a physics based first person shooter with comedy elements. It's meant to be cheesy with simple gameplay and not taken too seriously. You've been sent to Mushroom planet to kill all the evil cursing Fungi infecting the town, these evil mushrooms may try and kill you or the tiny ones may hide and curse you where you'll need a keen ear, and eye to catch them all. I don't want to give you lots of PR talk about how innovative it is etc, that's just annoying, instead, simply put, it's funny, fun, challenging and generally kicks ass! what more do you want? DOWNLOAD Note: This is the first proper game I've made and spent a while doing so, feedback/comments welcome.
  5. Need a voice actor for your game?

  6. Hey guys, (sorry if wrong section)   [deleted by mod]
  7. Cursing Vikings (funny RELEASED game I coded)

    Game updated, see OP.
  8. The video explains it: [media][/media]
  9. Cursing Vikings (funny RELEASED game I coded)

    OP now updated with gameplay trailer
  10. Cursing Vikings (funny RELEASED game I coded)

      Will be one shortly, watch this space!
  11. Cursing Vikings (funny RELEASED game I coded)

    Consider visiting the [url=]official Facebook page[/url] for updates, community discussions and more.
  12. [video=youtube][/video] [size=large][font=Arial][b]Cursing Vikings![/b][/font][/size] [size=medium][font=Arial]This is a very "tongue and cheek" fun game, largely inspired by the side quests in the Fable franchise. Basically you've been tasked with ridding the town of these menacing mini vikings that have been causing havoc, and they will curse and provoke you as you try to find them all. Fun game with FPS, puzzle and comedy elements with nice 3D graphics and sound, and the best part? it's completely free - download the setup file below (windows 32, directx 9 or above). [u][url=]DOWNLOAD HERE[/url][/font][/size][/u] [size=medium]New Version (1.1 beta) updates based on feedback: A crosshair for more accurate/assisted targeting A medieval style font, also bigger as it was previously hard to read stats. Improved rendering, which is smoother without degrading graphics. A timer, you now have to beat the clock, if you fail, the village dies! A few other programmatic tweaks[/size]
  13. Please either advise on how to do so, or remove my profile as I don't wish to be on this site anymore - thanks.
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