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  1. Hi guys, just pimping a little competition to win a book called "the art of game characters" that I'm currently running on my site!! http://www.psionic3d.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1236 anyway some of you artists on here may be interested in entering it but also people looking for free 3D assets may be interested as the comp is to create a texture for a generic human, who will be rigged/animated and given away with a bunch of skins once the comp is over, Thanks ;)
  2. I've included a direct version in the pack now, maybe a direct x importer is available for max?? or use an imtermediate program like unwrap 3d that supports max??
  3. Glad you like it ;) Yeah all the stuff is made by me in my spare time...over the past few years lol He was modelled in Cinema 4D, UV's in unwrap3d, Sculpted/Textured in Zbrush, animated in character fx!! Need a better animation software though, wish Cinema 4D could output stuff with the new R10 joint system (maybe someday) otherwise I may have to get XSI
  4. Hey guys, Just put up this creature up for download, he's got 10 legs and a gross mouth/tongue along with 5 texture variations and normal + spec maps..also 15 animations, Hope you find a use for him!! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  5. Definately not bad at all if your new to this stuff, one thing I would say is study the planes and add some of the panel lines/ailerons/details etc just to help make em look a little more realistic!! Good job!!
  6. LINK HERE Theres a few on there to get you started!! I have also written a short one and intend to write a few more on the subject over the next few weeks!! CLICK HERE Good Luck!!
  7. Congratulations!! Sounds like a really exciting prospect, good luck!!
  8. The other method is to export to direct X from XSI and open in Unwrap3D (if you have it) and save as a milkshape file,export to md2 from there or export to md2 from Unwrap3D!! http://www.unwrap3d.com
  9. Pretty good especially for your first model, some of the problems have already been mentioned but I wanted to point out one more the hands look a little odd as if on backwards, that thumb needs tweaking and bringing down outta line with the fingers... As I said its a great start!!
  10. Yeah I did the guard/soldier/female model packs for codersworkshop and I also have some free models/textures etc on my website and hope to add a lot more this year!!
  11. I started this pack a long time ago and never got round to finishing it, anyway I dug it out today and stuck it online, Hope you find a use for some of the 27 objects ;-) http://www.psionic3d.co.uk/cgi-bin/imageFolio.cgi?direct=Free%20Stuff/3D%20Models Heres a little more info n pics of some of the stuff:- http://www.psionic3d.co.uk/wip/scifi/wipscifi.html [Edited by - Psionic Artist on November 1, 2005 1:31:37 PM]
  12. No I didn't use any tutorials ;) Heres a quick render in Cinema 4D:-
  13. This is a model I started today, its taken about 5-6 hours to get to this point...Still lots to do on the skin, just laying in the basic black lines and defining stuff at the moment etc... 1206 tri's so far it'll also have several interchangeable heads
  14. Hey guys, I've decided to put up the Dwarf model for FREE!! Hope you guys find a use for him somewhere ;-) DOWNLOAD:- DOWNLOAD LINK MORE INFO:- MORE INFO
  15. Any chance of adding my site? over 30 tutorials, loads of free models, textures and sounds ;)