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  1. That's awesome, thanks! The game's Twitter can now be found here (@asistersjourney), and the Instagram account can be found here (@asistersjourney_game)
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right! I started out with creating an Instagram account for the game yesterday, and Twitter was next on the list. I'm already a bit late with that, work has been killing me during the last several days, haha! Thanks for the input, and also those hashtags! I'll definitely use them
  3. Thanks so much, both of you! This really means a lot to me! The hardest part now is getting the word out, but I will certainly try my best!
  4. Hey everyone !! My name is Florian, and I'm a solo indie game developer, programmer, and digital artist. I've been working passionately on my very own game for quite some time now, and today marks the day of its announcement via Kickstarter! The game is going to be a a challenging 2D platformer in a lovingly created pixel art world! Experience a packed story full of adventure, dangers and secrets! Exploring this vast world with all its mysteries, as well as challenging platforming gameplay and tough boss battles are the main focus points of the game. You can find tons of information on the game, as well as the game's trailer over at the Kickstarter project page!
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