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    3D Animation Contest

    Hello, Our company is currently working on a 3D virtual world chat room. One of our scenes we are creating is a 3D Movie Theater. We have just begun an animation contest that will run from now until March 20,2009. We are looking for some great animated shorts we can showcase in our new Theater. We are not looking for demo reels but any style of animation that has a theme or story behind it will be just perfect. Its fine if you have animations that have already been entered in some contest before as we long as we can have permission to showcase it at our site is all we ask. We will have $1000 in cash prizes, so dust off your old videos or create something new. For more info visit us at http://www.FriendsHangout.com/animcontest.php Thanks for your time, Jeff White Visual Inspirations Inc. [Edited by - MrBodean on January 27, 2009 6:28:43 PM]
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