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  1. I'm really not sure how to put into words what I'm looking for, but any suggestions would be wellcome.   Right now I'm at a mentally draining tech support job to pay the bills.  When I get home I just don't have it in me to work on my personal projects.  I wouldn't call them super difficult, but I think I need to do some coding that is a bit more bite sized until I can land a better job.   Any ideas?   Thanks in advance.
  2. Hiya,   Would a few kind people give some advice? I have been given a link to a online tecnical interview for a possible job.  This is the first time ever doing one and I want to do my best. So I was currious how to prepare for it?  Also how frowned upon is it, to use a fake name and E-mail address to practice it? If it helps at all, the interview is on the site   Thanks for the help. :)
  3. Thanks both of you. Ill be weighing my options and see where to go from there.
  4. I've looked at Unity a little. But I worry that I would have to shell out cash not only for the engine but the 2d toolkit they offer and even then I still won't have a good 2D tiled RPG engine, let alone everything else I would like.   That's why I wish there was something like RPG Maker VX that also had enough in it to do basic 3D. 
  5. Am I stuck?

    Basically I really wish I could find a job programming something... anything at this point. But right now I'm stuck working a job I don't love and I don't seem to have any time or energy any more to really code.   I apply every listing I feel that I am even remotly qualified for, but there are so many qualifications most of the time that what I do know and have in experience doesn't seem like it's enough.  And not being able to code won't help that any.   So I wonder, is there any hope? I wouldn't mind being paid beans if it meant I could do what I love instead of answering phone calls all day. :/
  6. Ok let me put this up front. I really wasn't sure which section this should go in. It feels like it could go in multiple. So don't kill me if it's in the wrong one please.   I have decided that I need to stop putting it off and learn some 3d graphical programming.  Because really, I need it for my future game making plans. I perfer 2D, but a few of my ideas need simple 3d to be implemented as I see them. So I have set my self up some specific goals -Learn to write code that makes a 3D enviroment. -Use that knowlege to build a very simple 3D engine that involves a flat plane in a 3D space. -Add a 2D sprite that can walk around that 3D plane. -Make the plane (and thus the sprite) rotate. -Build on that as I go to add more features -Somehow combine this with a 2D sprite RPG engine to be used as the battle engine (Think the end result will be simmilar to 'Tales of' games.)     I've been looking around to find a starting point (A game engine, API, something) but it's been hard finding one that will let me work on these goals with as little "Reinventing the weel." as possible. The big factor seems to be that most of the stuff a poor guy like my self could use is very 2D or 3D centric. Like I would love to use RPG Maker VX Ace, but I don't think writing, a 3D battle engine for it (as simple as it this one would be) would be too hard/slow to attempt with as little knowledge I do have.    Is there any suggestions or advice?   I think basically I need a 2D RPG engine that CAN do 3D. I just can't find one.
  7. I've have some code that uses javamappy to load and display a map made with Mappy (Mapwin32) and I want to specify the x,y cordinates (realitive to the window) of where the map is drawn. Mostly this has been unsuccesfull. I have for the time being created a workaround using the translate function of the supplied Graphics2D in my draw function. But this isn't really what I want as I want to specify the true (x, y) and Java Mappy's documentation has been less then helpful. Does anyone know to do to set the (x,y) of the top left corner of the map is basically I'm asking?
  8. I'm having some serious problems trying to figure out javazoom's mp3 library. At first I created a instance of the AdvancedPlayer class, and found it caused my other code to not run untill the mp3 was finished playing. So I figured to dump it into it's own thread class. But I for the life of me can't figure out how I can get the mp3 to stop playing for stop/pausing. In all my testing all I've been able to deduce is that after calling in run(), run does not continue to execute past it. Could someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong? Here is some of my code. Let me know if you need anything else. [code] public class MusicPlayer implements Runnable{ final Thread musicThread = new Thread(this); // mp3 music player AdvancedPlayer mp3Player; PlaybackListener mp3Listener; // to help direct mp3 playback boolean musicPaused = false; boolean musicStoped = false; boolean musicLoops = true; int pausePos; public MusicPlayer() { // setup our mp3 playback events mp3Listener = new PlaybackListener(){ public void playbackStarted(PlaybackEvent evt) { // todo } public void playbackStoped(PlaybackEvent evt) { // todo } }; } public void loadMusic(String file){ try{ mp3Player = new AdvancedPlayer(new FileInputStream(file)); //mp3Player.setPlayBackListener(mp3Listener); } catch (JavaLayerException ex){ JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Player filed to initialize. Music will not play!", "warrning!", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) { JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Music file not found. Music will not play!: " + ex, "warrning!", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); } } public void playMusic(){ musicThread.start(); } public void run() { if (mp3Player != null) { try {; //code execution never reaches past here! } catch (JavaLayerException ex){ JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Music failed to play!: " + ex, "warrning!", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE); } } } [/code]
  9. Ok I'm changing my previous question to a much simpler one For some odd reason I have a JComboBox actionDo all set up with a model. But when I try something like actionDo.setSelectedItem(myObject) it doesn't set it to that object. Yes it is uneditable, but myObject is one of the preexisting items that I can set actionDo to. If I want to to it the long hard way I can put in a for loop that runs thru actionDo's every item and compares it to myObject and if they are equal strings I just set actionDo's selected index to the index I compared. But really, why should I have to go thru all this? Can anyone shed some light on this. I'm not very knowledgeable with ComboBox's in Java, but what I do know is that most sources say this should work.
  10. Ahh thanks. Doesn't seams like too hard of a problem to fix too.
  11. Hi, I've been learning Java in my intro to computer science course and I'm getting a good handle on the language. Mostly because of its similarity's to C++ which I taught my self. But I ran into a problem just now looking at an older book on Java game programing. I goto compile it and I get the warrning "uses or overrides a deprecated API." Which I take has to do with the fact in the code I implements Runnable. Could someone give me some clues how to update this code so it will run properly with the newer implementations of java out there or what ever it is that needs to be fixed? My code so far: import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; public class Mondrian extends Applet implements Runnable { Thread animation; int locX, locY; // location of rectangle int width, height; // dimensions of rectangle static final byte UP = 0; // direction of motion static final byte DOWN = 1; static final byte LEFT = 2; static final byte RIGHT = 3; byte state; // state the rect is in length of pausing interval. static final int REFRESH_RATE = 100; // applet methods: public void init() { System.out.println(">> init <<"); setBackground(; locX = 80; // parameters of center rect locY = 100; width = 110; height = 90; state = UP; } public void start() { System.out.println(">> start <<"); animation = new Thread(this); if (animation != null) { animation.start(); } } // paint squares of varying colors public void paint(Graphics g) { System.out.println(">> paint <<"); g.setColor(Color.yellow); g.fillRect(0, 0, 90, 90); g.fillRect(250, 0, 40, 190); g.fillRect(80, 110, 100, 20); // hidden rectangle g.setColor(; g.fillRect(80, 200, 220, 90); g.fillRect(100, 10, 90, 80); g.setColor(Color.lightGray); g.fillRect(80, 100, 110, 90); g.setColor(; g.fillRect(200, 0, 45, 45); g.fillRect(0, 100, 70, 200); g.setColor(Color.magenta); g.fillRect(200, 55, 60, 135); } // update the center rectangle void updateRectangle() { switch (state) { case DOWN: locY += 2; if (locY >= 110) { state = UP; } break; case UP: locY -= 2; if (locY <= 90) { state = RIGHT; } break; case RIGHT: locX += 2; if (locX >= 90) { state = LEFT; } break; case LEFT: locX -= 2; if (locX <= 70) { state = DOWN; } break; } } public void run() { while (true) { repaint(); updateRectangle(); try { Thread.sleep (REFRESH_RATE); } catch (Exception exc) {}; } } public void stop() { System.out.println(">> stop <<"); if (animation != null) { animation.stop(); animation = null; } } public void destroy() { System.out.println(">> destroy <<"); } }
  12. I'm trying to plan how I'm going to progress carrier wise into the field of Game programing and a little stumbling block has gotten in my way. I'm in college and have been looking at local Software Engineering openings and they ALL require years of experience. There is nothing like internships or anything that will help me get that needed years of experience. This is also not the first time I have checked. What do you think I should try to do once I have the college down, to get the professional experience?