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  1. wicked357

    3D Issue with hidden faces

    I just recently go into Blender. I started doing Add Modifier -> boolean (difference) and chose the mesh I created you can see in the image to see what I did. The issue is I export the .fbx object and import it into Substance Painter and I end up with weird faces across the first set of holes I substracted from main object. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
  2. wicked357

    Website development

    This is such an open question... Well, do you you want to start with learning to setup your own server? i.e. DigitalOcean VPS as a hosting service. Do you just want to make a website/webpage locally on your computer using XXAMP or MAMP depending on your OS. Do you want to do any server side programming i.e. having a contact form or some form of login authentication? This honestly could be talked about for a long time, if you were a little more specific we could better assist you.
  3. wicked357

    Help - Game Making Software for Mac

    I think this is a list that you are looking for ImpactJS looks more like what Construct 2 is...   https://html5gameengine.com/
  4. wicked357

    Should I leave Unity?

    Just switching to C++ isn't going to fix your issues, you basically are saying I am going to write my own garbage collection and poof your issues are over. I think you will find you will be fighting a lot more with performance then you think you will. Language isn't going to do magic for you. City Skylines is made with Unity and I have seen massive cities built. Cars moving, we are talking 10's of thousands of objects at once. The pooling itself might not truly be the problem. Consider system requirements, what are you running maybe you have reached the maximum amount of performance you can get out of your rig. Look at some of the good pooling packages on the asset store. I'm not saying you are a bad programmer but I can't assume you are the best either so something has to give. You can crash a decent rig with a few objects and bad programming (No offense).   I  hope I didn't offend you just give a little advice on thinking of switching languages. Also if you want to learn C++ I am all for people learning multiple languages, I encourage this behavior. If you are serous can you look at UE4 you write your game in C++. You can always simulate your minimum game and see if you can get that to perform better for you.
  5. wicked357

    What exactly is Unity for?

    Simple answer. Pillars of Eternity, City Skylines, Crowfall, Oddworld (Remake), Assassins Creed Identity to name a few that have all been made with Unity. Whomever told you that, doesn't know what they are talking about. Could you maybe get more from UE4 or some other engine... perhaps! At the end of the day if you are trying to squeeze every little performance out of the game you are probably a studio making your own engine specifically for the game you are making, or completely hacking an open source engine.   No matter what language you use or engine you use, a bad programmer can make the slowest performing game in any of the fastest languages and/or engines.
  6. To agree with ExErvus, and reiterate the question. Why are you not using the GPU? The S4 has Adreno 320 GPU which support OpenGL 3.0ES and D3D 11.1. You should be looking at offloading the rendering to the hardware over the software. Maybe you are finding your limits with using SDL, or do a little googling and find this https://github.com/grimfang4/sdl-gpu with make instructions.
  7. wicked357

    HTML Shop Help Needed

    Making a "webstore" is not going to be just HTML, so you are going down a new road of programming. There is a reason web developer is a profession and a very fruitful one if you are good. HTML alone doesn't do database connections, you need to learn a server side language PHP, Ruby, Java, etc... You can however look at Magento as your framework it is a out of the box ecommerce platform. All you have to do is run the setup and create items using a UI. If you have an existing website already there are ways you can install this within your site or you can subdomain it like store.yoursite.com.
  8. wicked357

    Should I give up?

    This is simple, everyone has their opinions including me. It is up to you to weed out the biased and anti-fact ones. My example to you, many years ago and before college. I met my wife's (ex now) uncle. He was a farmer who had no true knowledge of the technology industry. He asked what I did for a living and I said "I do insulation for homes, but I am going to college." He then says to me "Oh, what are you going to school for?" where I replied "Software Engineering"... The next response will go to show you some people don't know what they are talking about. He replies to me and says "Ah, you'd make more money doing insulation."   Was that his opinion? Absolutely! Was he right? Not in the slightest.   Good thing I didn't listen to him, cause not only did I follow my passion but I am making more then if I just settled for some insulation job somewhere and never strived to achieve more out of my existence and hated life wondering what if... Also learning how to program games isn't so niche to say you couldn't morph into a Software / Web application developer position down the road. Maybe you discover that road along the way.   I'll say this in closing, I didn't go into this field for the money. If that is the case there are far more professions out there that pay more but you may not be happy doing that for the rest of your life either. So in turn if doing insulation will make you happy the rest of your life do it, if programming does then do it!
  9. wicked357

    DBA still a 1099 or no

    Thank you guys so much. I think I got the answers I needed even if I wasn't as clear. Also I have contacted a CPA so the path taken isn't the wrong one.
  10. wicked357

    DBA still a 1099 or no

    I was wondering if I file a DBA do I still get a 1099 from a company I offer services to, or is it treated like a company and its own entity? I hope that is clear enough.   Scenario:   Wicked's Workshop is a construction company filed as a DBA for John Smith.   Someone contracts me to build their house.   After the job is over I invoice them for the work done as Wicked's Workshop.   I put his in my business bank account registered under Wicked's Workshop.   This money is taxable... Do I expect a 1099 (My guess is no, but need to be sure).   When I file my taxes do I file for myself and for the DBA? (My thoughts is yes for both).   How would I go about giving myself money? Do I pay myself in the form of a paycheck?   Thanks for any help on this.
  11. If I read correctly you want to know how to create a basic tilemap. Im not a Java programmer so I will try and translate how I would do it best, you will have to be able to at least understand the concepts from the examples which should be pretty straight forward. I could write this in C++, PHP, Javascript if anyone of those helps you better but for now ill give my best Java shot.   Well you start with a 2D array of values i.e.  // Creates a 2x2 tilemap array, where the value represents the index of a texture in an array of textures int[][] map = { {"grass", "grass"}, {"grass", "dirt"} }; Example of a texture array psuedo-java // Add 2 textures an array Texture[] textures = new String[]; textures["grass"] = new Texture("path/to/grass_file.jpg"); textures["dirt"] = new Texture("path/to/dirt_file.jpg"); Now to  build the tilemap for (int y = 0; y < 2; y++) { for (int x = 0; x < 2; x++) { String textureIndex = map[y][x]; Texture temp = textures[textureIndex]; temp.setPosition(x * (temp.getSize().x), y * (temp.getSize().y); // Draw the temp texture to the screen } }
  12. Probably steer clear of PHP, simply because you don't need it here. Look at utilizing JS the most using NodeJS, SocketIO, HTML5 Canvas... You can look into Cocos2D-HTML5. Just a little note I would tone down the MMO part, maybe focus on a single player RPG first that is going to be quite the work load alone and stating you are a beginner really does point to that way first.   Also a side edit, make sure you understand JSON data types if you are working a lot with Javascript. You can weight the pros and cons of using MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB to decide if this is what you need to implement if you do go the harder route of MMO or just for the sake of learning it.
  13. wicked357

    Is C# viable for new game developers?

    Dead or not... XNA / Monogame are great tools to ease the learning curve into game development. This will help to understand the game structure and how it all works and give you a good idea on how to write a game from scratch using DX9 or a library in SFML using C++. It is all up to you, but learning is never a bad thing.
  14. Resort to using DigitalOcean $5 a month. Downside you have to set up your server to hose websites (easy after your first time and tons of tutorials especially for ubuntu 14). Upside if you learn a little about being a system admin and if you break it destroy the droplet and create a new one, great for learning and you pay for time it is active not $5 per droplet unless it is up a month. I currently run 6 servers off DigitalOcean and I am very pleased with their services.
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