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  1. League of Legends Stage Concept

    I would also like to add that I'm not done texturing the ground
  2. I have a design for a stage in League of Legends, and while it is not complete yet, I would like to see what other gamers think of it. I know Riot has released over 9000 characters lately (a bit of an exaggeration of course) but in the 3 years they have been around, there are still only 2 good stages to play on in the normal game mode. I don't know about you, but for me as a gamer that is simply not acceptable. My stage is not yet complete, and if you only look at the picture you won't see where I've put the fog (my replacement for "tall grass" or "brush" to hide and stealth in) but you should get a good idea as to where the lanes are and where the "jungle" area would be (though I guess you can't call it a jungle inside a ruined castle......) what I'm looking for here is ideas to pitch in. I've included a link here to a playable .exe file ( http://goo.gl/yzcHJ ) and I know alot of people don't want to open a strange .exe file on the internet, but it's the only file type I can export from Unity 3D for the time being. I'm sure someone will open it and verify in the replies that it is in fact not harmful (I dont even know how to code a virus...) for those of you who don't want to take the risk, I've included a picture of the map as well... I'm open to any ideas and criticism and I hope to make this happen in the real game!!