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  1. I am a video game music composer and sound effects artist looking for some new projects to work on. Have worked on iphone and ipad games, xbox and NDS and an array of online promotional stuff too. Check out my [url="http://www.spencersternberg.com/reel"]reel[/url] and let me know if you've got anything coming up.
  2. Are you looking for fresh new adventure game music? Why not take a listen to Spencer Sternberg's new royalty free game music album 'Music for Adventure Games'. A carefully composed collection of adventure game music tracks for use in all kinds of adventure game projects. Until the end of February there is an introductory discount of 50% which you can receive by subscribing to SpencerSternberg.com, by which you will be emailed a coupon code. This is a diverse and flavorsome resource for game developers big or small. Please feel free to make contact if you have any questions.
  3. Are you in need of music for your games but have no time left to get a composer to write the soundtrack? Why not pick out some tracks from the Spencer Sternberg Royalty Free Game Music library. Spencer Sternberg is a game music composer who writes music for video games and has been busy making game music additions to the royalty free music library. The most recent additions to the library are the beginnings of an adventure music album titled 'Music for Adventure Games'. It contains a rich mixture of textures and instrumentation for menu's, various environments and battle sequences. If you are need of quality music for your game, at very reasonable prices, then make your way to the library to take a listen.
  4. Also, I think if you do some searches in some search engines you may be able to pull up some old pages that have links. If you happened to have old URL's that had your code on it, then a really nice resource is this internet archive.
  5. I have just completed a fireworks sound effects album that may be of use to producers who are looking for quality sound effects. It contains 17 tracks of 24bit 96kHz fireworks samples and is useful in supporting all kinds of visuals, especially visuals and titles, due to its explosive qualities.
  6. Thanks for your interest in the Spencer Sternberg Royalty Free Music Library. It is really easy to download tracks. Each track has a sample player and if you like the track there is a download button next to the player. After you click the download button it will take you to our secure payment and download partner (Plimus) where you can safely pay and download your track or tracks. In regards to terms and conditions these tracks can be used in all and any kind of context, as many times as needed, though cannot be resold as royalty free music.
  7. This is a fantastic thread I just have to say. It is excellent to see the perspectives different users bring to the forum. I guess I just want to add that it is an interesting concept to think about how much attention audiences pay to themes and motifs, both consciously and unconsciously. Thematic music is incredibly important, for helping to remind the audience what they are watching, or playing in the case of games, and variations can be a subtle way to remind them of this. I don't want to draw away from this thread at all, but add to it, by saying that readers may find some insight from my post on writing music for the iPhone, which talks about motifs and their importance in thematic music composition. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of not making use of thematic music in games is that the game may have a harder time being memorable, compared to one that has a catchy theme. Clever compositional technique can influence a game's following incredibly.
  8. Recently I completed the soundtrack for a ten level iPhone game and thought it would be helpful to share an article I wrote on Writing Music for the iPhone. The iPhone may seem small and restrictive, but in fact, the musical possibilities are vast and without constrictions. What I have written about is only a small part of a larger picture, but I hope can be helpful to others working in the gaming field. Please feel free to make contact if you have any questions or comments.
  9. Spencer Sternberg is a game music composer and sound effects creator and has been busy working on a royalty free music library. There are all kinds or royalty free music tracks from game tracks, to documentary tracks, to promotional tracks. Make your way to spencersternberg.com to have a listen and feel free to make contact if you have any questions.
  10. That is kind of tricky to answer as I found it quite difficult to locate a portable hard disk recorder, that had similar specifications to the Microtrack II, and that was in the same price range. For sound design, choice of microphone is incredibly important too. It is amazing what can be recorded by plugging a good quality microphone into a miniDV camera (to simply record audio and not even video), considering standard miniDV cameras record at 16bit, 48kHz. The size of a miniDV camera might put you off though, but when talking about price and getting the job done, it may be an option (for portable recording). Another idea that springs to mind and one I haven't looked into well enough yet, is using a PDA to record sound. Again, if a good quality microphone is used, then perhaps the results could come across well. Also, don't forgot that a lot of sound design can be created inside your studio, and in that sense you can make use of whatever sound recording equipment you are using there. You can create a lot of sounds by recording the water in your bathroom or the pots in your kitchen. The point I was trying to make in the Fireworks Sound Effects article, was that through experimenting with mixing techniques, a lot of new sound effects can be created.
  11. Making sound effects for games can be a very interesting pursuit, especially if you're talking about where sound effects come from. If you're interested in sound effects and how they're made, you might find this article informative. It also contains sound samples to listen to. You can find it here, it is called Fireworks Sound Effects. [Edited by - spencersternberg on November 1, 2009 1:22:29 AM]