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  1. Sik_the_hedgehog

    The new language

    Designing the language is a way bigger task though. Also implementing optimizations, although this depends heavily on how much abstraction is there (if the abstractions are good enough, you'll put the most critical stuff into them so there's less need to optimize the code written in the language).
  2. Sik_the_hedgehog

    Our New Game: I Am Dolphin

    While I know you're talking mostly about the AI here, I can't help but be more interested on dolphins being able to eat sharks (was looking at another footage video). Which also made me realize that in Ecco the move used to eat fish and to attack sharks is the same. Which means that Ecco has been eating sharks all this time. *mindblown*   What do you think will eventually come out of the research? (game aside) I guess that you showed how it can affects AI in a game, but what about outside gaming as well?
  3. Sik_the_hedgehog

    Game i18n via IME

  4. Sik_the_hedgehog

    10 Ways To Improve Your Indie Game Development

    How come you didn't mention Doom in #3? As far as I know there's still a modding community around it, and that game was like the thing that made modding so popular in the first place (OK, Wolfstein 3D was getting hacked like crazy, but Doom took it even further). Doom is set to be 20 years in two weeks, to put things in perspective...   But yeah, I'm surprised everybody seems to forget about mods when talking about indie games. I guess everybody is too busy trying to finish the game. Honestly, I think modding should be considered a must for an indie, period. It's one of the easiest ways to build a community, why it's downplayed so much is beyond me.
  5. Sik_the_hedgehog

    Game Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Game Software

    Funny you mention init/run/deinit, although I use init/run/draw/deinit (the reason for a separate draw function being frameskip). In my game I have different "game modes" (e.g. in-game, title screen, a menu, etc.), and each mode is literally described as a list of the four functions filling those roles (then the main loop just calls the relevant functions as needed).   Even funnier is the fact that this pattern can also be applied to entities themselves (init and deinit happening when they're created and destroyed, respectively). Again, entities in my game are described pretty much as a list of functions filling those roles, and the entity manager takes care of calling them where relevant.   For the record: the game mode pattern is one you seemed to have not mentioned. If you have a main loop then chances are you'll be using game modes.
  6. Sik_the_hedgehog

    working backwards: A 2D platformer game?...

    For the levels, just use either tiles or make the world out of objects. In either case you'll be dealing with relatively small graphics (no choking) and you can reuse them (less memory needed overall).
  7. Sik_the_hedgehog

    Tips for Working With an Art Studio

    From personal experience, there's so much truth on this...   Regarding planning ahead of time, while yes, try to get everything you can beforehand, but most likely one will still forget something or something new may appear that wasn't planned originally. One idea would be to add a clause in the contract that allows negotiating for more assets (adjusting payments accordingly), this way one can ask for more stuff without having to draft a new contract. That'd save lots of headaches in the long term.
  8. Sik_the_hedgehog

    The 4Ps of Marketing

  9. Sik_the_hedgehog

    Untangling Licensing and Copyright in Game Art

    Not the author and I'm not a lawyer either (so yeah, no legal advice, etc.), but this is my understanding of things:   1) If you don't live in the US, well, just look up what's the competent authority in your country. Look up government sites or do some quick search on Internet, eventually you'll find up where you have to go.   2) You don't copyright worldwide, period. The catch is that the absolute majority of the countries (including pretty much all the major ones) have signed the Berne convention, and one of the things it does is that a copyright assigned in one of those countries will have to be respected in all the other countries that are part of the convention, so in a sense it's almost like a worldwide copyright.   EDIT: and just realized how old is that comment... Oh well, leaving this here in case somebody else wants to know too.
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