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  1. Hi to all,   I open this thread to tell you about our project: Gamenova.   Gamenova was born from our passion for developing games and is' a platform for the development of online video games in HTML5-based social network.   Gamenova and consists essentially of three parts:   1) The social network, where all the figures involved in the development on a video game project (I mean publisher, developer, graphic, sound designers, game designers and testers) may interact with each other creating interesting projects.   Two interesting aspects that I would like to point out are that each user has the ability to create groups for their projects and company or team and gamers will have the opportunity to become game testers using appropriate tools offered.   2) Gamenova API: This API and 'the heart of Gamenova and it's a Javascript library for fast implementation of cross-platform video games, which will be improved and extended with user's contributions.   3) Finally, there are the tools / services: Gamenova will provide tools (for each figure) to facilitate the development and exploit the possibilities offered by social networks to manage and connect the members of the teams.   Games developed with Gamenova for our clients:   [url=""]Bush Pilot[/url]   [url=""]IAngryGod[/url]   Any feedback is welcome.   Thank you to all,   Enrico Mautone.