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  1. I wanted to point out that I've finally released Society! A society that doesn't grow is dead. A society that isn't moving forward is moving backwards. A good society will never be stopped. Society is a retro inspired, art game that was made as a comment on how societies function. I tried to optimize the game as much as possible, so I hope it runs efficiently on older systems. Please let me know if you run into any problems. Give it a try at Newgrounds and leave some feedback please! [Edited by - jrjellybean on January 6, 2011 2:06:32 AM]
  2. Hello everyone, I finally got around to finishing Platform Explorer! Platform Explorer is an exciting, action, adventure game about a robot on a mission to collect energy. The game has two different types of play and several different endings. Controls: Arrow Keys - Move Z - Attack / Enter Level X - Jump Esc - Pause Menu It's a Flash game, so you can play it right now! It took me way too long to finish, so I'm happy it's finally out! (If you find any odd bugs, I'd like to know about them. Thanks a bunch!)
  3. Earth Tower Defense Youtube video Earth Tower Defense was released a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to announce it on these forums. It was my first time I used flash and the game seems to be getting pretty solid reviews (about a 3.1 out of 5). So, if you're a fan of Tower Defense games you might like it. More importantly, I'll be making a blog post about it on the Jr. Jellybeans blog. The game is done already, but if you have any comments, feel free to let me know.
  4. I've taken the advice of lots of people and have made some changes to the gameplay. Towers now fire faster and I added a blinking "Click Here" symbol for the first level. There are some other changes as well which I can't remember at the moment. Generally, the game should be easier. I'd appreciate some sort feedback before I finish making the levels. *oh I can appreciate your comments. I really wasn't trying to do anything new with this game. Just learn actionscript and finish another game finally. Thanks to everyone for the comments!
  5. Pic: Earth Tower Defense Youtube video: Earth Tower Defense Early Movie ********* Play the game: Earth Tower Defense (this site SHOULD go down today for a couple of days because I'm changing hosts) Location 2: Earth Tower Defense (Mochi stretches out the game for some reason...) Earth Tower Defense is a simple and fun TD game made entirely in Flash Actionscript 3. I'm currently testing it out before completing all of the levels. The current version has 5 EXCITING levels. So, give it a try today! I'm trying to get a sponsor for this simple game, so I'm trying to get all of the issues out. I'd appreciate any feedback anybody has. **** I've got a current bug/gameplay fix list going on. They are: Bugs: - the "Return To Map" on the Defeat screen didn't work for someone Gameplay Issues: - the turrets fire too slowly. In the next update, I will speed them up. - the game runs too slowly. In the next update, I will allow the person to choose 3 speeds. - people don't seem to figure out how to start the game. I will adjust the map buttons to display what level it is and a big "Click Here" symbol will appear over the first level. - I will move the Map buttons (Stats, Skills, Main Menu, etc.) to the bottom of the screen. This will ensure a consistency in the Mochi board placement. - On that note, I'm thinking about taking out the Map screen. I don't think I did the story part or the Map screen very well. I'd appreciate any feedback on this particular point. - "Strategy Guide" button needs to say "More Games" - Sending out a wave early does not grant extra bonus. I will make it so that it does. - Storages cost too much. I will make them cheaper. I'd appreciate any other additional comments! [Edited by - jrjellybean on June 26, 2010 3:32:40 PM]
  6. @ Walrus: thanks a bunch! We've actually implemented quite a number of the suggestions you've had! We don't agree with all of them, but there were quite a number that had a HUGE impact on the design. So, thanks a lot! A month later and we're finally putting up another post :) We've done a couple of improvements based on the feedback that we've been getting. We'd love to know if there are any additional problems. Some changes: - music has been changed. We're using Jakes Free Game Midis now, so we HOPE that things go smoothly with that - mouse control in the menu has been put in - ALL of the art has been finished - scoring system has been put into the game - new map screen - the shop is now accessible earlier We're around the last release before we officially release the game! If anyone has any comments / suggestions, we'd love to here it! (You can download the demo at the same place: The Good Apprentice Demo
  7. What's REALLY interesting to me is how s****y most of the games that I remember being awesome on the NES truly are. Take for example Battletoads. That game is insanely hard and bugging. Who would want to play a game like that anymore...
  8. Looking at the video, the game looks phenominal to me. But, I haven't really been playing many games lately... But, yeah, just wanted to say that I thought most MMOs have that people on at one time. Why would having 200+ people around cause any kind of problem?
  9. You've got to think that nobody works for free. Plus, managing online teams is always really difficult. I knew someone who had this idea. It never got off the ground cause they could never figure out a how to pay people or distribute points or something like that.
  10. Quote:Original post by owl The obvious I have nothing to add, but just wanted to point out that this made my day!
  11. * update We've got the latest demo out. I'm bumping this post as we should be nearing the time to release it. We've tried to fix as many things as people told us. Notably: - the game should be easier - the music has been reworked and the volume lowered. Hopefully, it's not annoying for people anymore :) - more art has been put in - HUD has been redone If we could get some more people to try the demo here, that'd be great. It would really help us determine what we want to do with the game in terms of marketing and what not: The Good Apprentice Demo In addition, if we can get some feedback on our website, that'd be awesome! Jr. Jellybeans
  12. Quote:Original post by Pete Michaud Also, believe it or not, my site is popular with the ladies. I shit you not. There's no denying it... ladies are suckers for a man with good HTML skillz. :)
  13. This game looks f*****g amazing! How big is the team? In any case, congrats on the great job!
  14. I think that personal websites are good for artists or people that have to have a portfolio. It's much easier for a personal website to manage offering those things to other people than a blog would. But, overall, I would think a blog is good enough.
  15. Looks neat! Congrats on all the hard work. I hope you get lots of players.