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    Where to Begin??

    I think you can better start with something simple. An MMORPG is a very complicated piece of software. Start with simple 2d games and if you got that under control make simple 3d games etc. Its too hard to begin with an MMO if you even dont know where to start. Many MMO projects doesnt reach a working game. Succes with your project
  2. Choconut

    My first 3D creation

    Ok thanx. Is DAZ3D Hexagon a good program? I think it is easyer as 3d max or Maya. But there aren't so many tutorials about Hexagon.
  3. Choconut

    My first 3D creation

    This is my very first 3D creatoin and i whant to show it. I restarted a serval times. I have mutch to learn i see, i've created this in a hour. Comment's and tip's are always welcome. So here it is, my first Wineglass created in DAZ3D Hexagon 2. http://img18.imageshack.us/i/glassj.jpg/ EDIT: Can you use the IMG tags here? [Edited by - Choconut on July 21, 2009 5:38:04 PM]
  4. Is Hexagon an good program to start with if you want to create simple 3d art. It look's easyer as 3ds Max and blender. I dont have any 3d skills so hexagon looks nice. I just want to hear from you guys if this is good to start with.
  5. For hobby, and later maby games if i get it under control
  6. And wich compiler should i choose? Visual c# 2008 express editon? link: http://www.microsoft.com/express/vcsharp/
  7. Ok, i am going to focus on C#, 1 more question: XNA, does it have an compiler or any script editor, if you understand what i mean, or do i have to download another program to write code and ''place'' it in XNA?
  8. Hi there, i know that this kind of topic has opened for a thousand times bud i still dont know the answer (for me). My question is What Language Do I Use?, yes i read the for beginners page but i still dont know. I want to learn an language that is easy to learn, with good documentation and much tutorials. I am not that kind of noob that is try to create an call of duty or an World of warcraft himself with no experience. I want to create simple games as basic and get the language under control. I hope you understand me (i know, my english sucks) Greetz Choconut
  9. Choconut

    Should I make an FPS

    DELETED [Edited by - Choconut on February 7, 2009 5:23:36 AM]
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