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  1. Why is it fun to be evil?

    Quote:If I wanted to display my power, I would get out of the tank and make it a fair fight. The crazy SOB in the tank needs a big mobile weapon to even the odds. How does that equal more power than someone willing to step out and go face to face with a stronger opponent? Both are crazy, but only one is evil. One is afraid, the other is sympathetic and self respecting. Power isn't about fair, it's about doing what you want to others with little to no risk of enduring any consequences as a result of what you've done. Courage is about being willing to step out and go face to face with a stronger opponent in spite of the likely consequences to be endured as a result of it.
  2. Quote:Original post by WazzatManSo yes, programmers giving creative input is a concept completely unique to game development. Why? Because the only other industry is business development. There aren't any other industries with programmers. Game development and business development are not the only industries with programmers, and game development isn't the only industry where progammers (aka, software engineers, software developers, software designers, software design engineers) provide creative input in to the product.
  3. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Comment: Booooooooooo
  4. Design Roundtable 1: The Death of Death

    I think the type of game plays a major role in the handling of death as a mechanic or death as a concept. In games that lack a personal avatar such as Tetris or Bejeweled, death as a concept simply isn't applicable, while "Game Over" is their death as a mechanic and its an integral mechanic to the game. You can't have a final score and thus a high score without the game mechanics including some terminator even if its "Game Over" by completing all levels (even though you've beat the game your still effectively dead since the score is reset). On the other hand in a (rare) game like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, death as a concept and death as a mechanic are one and the same and the death event is integral to gameplay and doesn't break immersion since it just shifts you to the spirit plane. While it does take time to get back to where you were on the material plane, you don't have fight the same stuff over again as a reset doesn't occur and in the process you may take care of something you needed to do in the spirit plane anyway. Then there are single player first and third person PC games where "Load Saved Game" is their death as a mechanic and death as a concept is not even represented and immersion is frequently broken by the save game screen as the player is trained to save at a time interval equal to the time they are willing to spend redoing what they just did (and this time isn't always doing something challenging, could just be getting from here to there or collecting some resource before they got ambushed). Then there are single player first and third person console games where "Load Last Checkpoint" is their death as a mechanic much as in the PC game "Load Saved Game", except that the player has to replay as much of the game as the games' creator have deemed necessary rather then how much the player has decided was necessary by their last save. In my opinion, these last two types of games have wasted an opportunity to build death as a concept into the game and the "Load Last Checkpoint" version has caused me to put down more then one game never to return nor anticipating the next title from that developer. As far as punishing players goes, I gotta wonder how lucrative it is to target a game at masochists...
  5. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Unit : Genesis Knight Genesis Knights are part of the core militant group of the Genesis Alliance. A majority of Genesis Knights are Space Knights who have been recruited to the cause and a minority are core militant group members who have been trained by the recruited Space Knights in a manner similar to how Space Knights are trained. Thus far the Genesis Knights have not engaged in any open combat due to their need to remain unknown until their numbers and those of the Nova Underground allies are of sufficient quantity. The Genesis Knights have done a limited amount of cross-training with members of the Nova Underground but the two groups have not yet figured out how to work together to anywhere near maximum effect.
  6. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Location : Dusk Plantations These planets have been conquered by Havercite's Legions but the ecosystem has generally been left in tact. When initially conquered the entirety of each planet 's post-pubescent sentient population is converted into undead and all bronze age or better technology is removed from the planet leaving the juvenile sentients to fend for the survival of their race. After the initial conquest of a planet the remainder of the planet's ecosystem serves to provide a continual supply of sentient and non-sentient lives to convert to undead in perpetuity (well until the end of the Universe anyway). Some undead remain on the planet to continually convert all life in 1000m circles in to undead. The harvesting circles are spaced such that they will regrow before the undead return to harvest the area again.
  7. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Comment: The new reasoning for Rune Stones works for me. --------------------------------- Element : PROFESSIONS, TITLES, AND UNITS : Night Sons (addition) Nights Sons are tasked with gathering Rune Stones in addition to the other mystical commodities.
  8. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Comment: I don't get the reasoning behind the Rune Stones, as I just don't see how comet rock (Earth) picks up the attributes of the other five elements so much more effectively then rock from a planet where those elements also exist. Consider that a terrestrial planet 1) has wind of its own where as a comet is merely subject to the stellar wind, 2) produces light through lightning, fire (i.e. actual Fire vs just volatile materials), and magma, where a comet only reflects the light of the sun, 3) the deepest recesses of a planet are lot deeper then those a of a comet, 4) has liquid water as well as solid water.
  9. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Comment: Having the same star rating (0) mean two different things seems bad. --------------------------------------------------- Element : PROFESSIONS, TITLES, AND UNITS : Night Sons (addition) While carrying out their task of acquiring the various items the Night Sons acquired intel about the Genesis Alliance and the Nova Underground. Upon receiving this intel, Havercite dispatched a contingent of Night Sons, laden with some of the armaments acquired as the spoils of conquest, to discreetly provide aid to the militant sect of the Genesis Alliance and thus indirectly the Nova Underground. Through chaos comes death
  10. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Faction : Genesis Alliance Alliance of Freeformers who believe it is morally wrong to terraform or colonize a planet that already has multi-cellular life on it (single-celled lifeforms are found just about everywhere). As such they advocate only terraforming and then colonizing planets that lack existing multi-cellular life. Alliance members primarily reside on planets consistent with their moral beliefs, although some who were born on planets inconsistent with their moral beliefs remain their to try to provide direct aid to and lobby in favor of the indigenous lifeforms. A core militant group with-in the Genesis Alliance is secretly subverting a part of the Alliance's resources to purchase armaments. This militant group is also providing support to the Nova Underground, including supplying them with Gunslingers adapted to facilitate the Nova Undergound magi's effective use of magic against in space battles. These converted vessels are unimaginatively called Spellslingers.
  11. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Faction : Nova Underground The Nova Underground is a secret order of magi from various species, who are indigenous to the Outworlds, that lacked the military might to prevent the colonization and/or terraforming of their planets by Freeformers. The magi's ancestor's made relatively primitive use of magic as compared to their current state of the art. Once their ancestors had access to interstellar travel they were able to come into contact with magi form other indigenous species and this allowed them to pool and advance their collective knowledge of the art in their common cause to someday reclaim their homeworlds.
  12. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Location : Havercite's Fortress Havercite's Fortress was a planet whose interior magma was used as the raw material to to build an enchanted fortress around the space where planet used to be. The fortress is hundreds of miles thick, but the interior of it, where the planet used to be, is empty except for an ever growing, great solid mass of uncountable undead ranging in size from single celled microbes up to the greatest of beasts that had inhabited the system's Havercite's Legions have conquered thus far. Havercite is somewhere within this mass. Surrounding Havercite's Fortress are hundreds of moons, tens of thousands of asteriods, and hundreds of thousands of comets (Ort cloud bodies) collected from the nearest dozen systems with more on the way from the farther out systems conquered by Havercite's Legions. All of the moons and asteriods have had extensive tunnel systems carved into them, while the comets simply have hordes of undead waiting on their surface. In the space between these bodies, numerous undead hang in space individually and in small groups. The sun of the system is in the process of being stripped of its mass which is being used to create a cloud of gas and dust around the area.
  13. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Characters : Harvey the Swilling Sword Harvey is a Gremlin sword (i.e. crafted from Pearl of Slime w/ variable mass reducing enchantment) that was made sentient through the application of a Dark Stone. In addition to being an extremely effective sword, Harvey has the ability to absorb, store, and release liquids. Upon release there is no equal an opposite force (i.e. no recoil), so Harvey can not use it for locomotion. This ability is purely at Harvey's command not that of his wielder. In fact Harvey can direct this ability at his wielder, including with quite lethal effect by absorbing their blood, spraying them with acid, flaming liquids, toxic gas, and/or hitting them with fine very high pressure streams that will strip flesh and wear through bone. Harvey can store different types of liquids such that they do not mix unless he chooses to mix them together upon release, which allows for flame throwing and toxic gas spewing through the mixing of reactive chemicals. Harvey can store up to 100,000 liters of various liquids and the liquids will not change state (so perishable will keep forever) while stored. Harvey has a taste for booze, in particular Frenamin's Starberry Ale, which gives Harvey the ability to fly (while the Ale is stored, the micro chunks of Starberry are consumed) for a time.
  14. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Episode : 3 A few Space Knights, who don't like Orks and just out rank her, harass the main character with surprise inspections the frequent assignment of tedious, pointless, and frequently quite unpleasant at all hours. During one of these tasks she meets an Undercarriage Gnome and they hatch and carry out a scheme to publicly humiliate the harassing Space Knights in a manner that will get them demoted.
  15. A fun little experiment: Group Created Game

    Element : Main Character's History During her time with the Space Knights she encountered a relatively friendly Undercarriage Gnome, and due to her own disdain for excessive order, they developed a congenial relationship as partners in pranks against those officers in the Space Knights that enforced regulations too strictly. Some nights she dreams of just packing up and heading to frontier to take up a new life as a Freeformer. [Edited by - Josh Heitzman on April 17, 2009 1:06:25 AM]