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  1. Hey. First of all, sorry if this was debated already, but i haven't been that much active lately. I have a very practical question and i'd like to know your opinion, guys. So here is the deal. I've never had a laptop and now i've finally decided that this is to change. It has to be a decent laptop because i'll use it to play all kinds of games and to work (in game development, among other things). It won't be my primary computer but i'll still use it a lot and i have no intention to buy another one any time soon, hence the need for it to be good. But i've started to think about Windows Vista and DirectX 10 and thought that perhaps i should wait until the laptops come with Vista and DX10 capable graphic cards. I'm afraid that once DX10 is out my laptop will get outdated too quickly, since all software (mostly games) will start to be made for the latest instalment of DirectX (sure, they will support DX9 for a while but it won't be the same). But i'm also concerned that maybe waiting isn't such a good idea. First, the price. I can now get a very good DX9 capable laptop without paying that much. I'm sure the DX10 ones will be much more expensive. Second, the time i'll have to wait. There are no DX10 boards yet and it will take a while before they reach the laptops. Finally, i'm not sure how well DX9 titles will run on a DX10 computer and i really want to play "old" games at good frame rates with everything turned on. Damn, i didn't want to write so much. I just want to know your opinions on this matter, as i value them a lot and they will surely help me decide. Thanks a lot!
  2. Your problem is a typical one. The standard defines the behaviour of the css properties. Unfortunately, the standard (i believe) doesn't define what happens when you don't specify a value for some property. So basically each browser has it's own set of default values for all css/style properties. Whenever i get problems with spacing like you have, i give values to all properties like borders, margins, paddings, alligns, indents for every cell/table/div that's giving me problems on some browser. That usually does the trick. Hope that helps.
  3. Quote:Original post by sixteen I don't want to have to reinstall IE6 I think that's what's screwing up your computer. Use Firefox instead. [grin]
  4. Why C in quake 3

    Quote:Original post by raptorstrike Less overhead? how so? I've obviously never done any kind of study on C, you mean like less includes? or just less code in general? Because C is the lowest-level high-level language I know of. [grin]
  5. Why C in quake 3

    Quote:Original post by raptorstrike Just recently I downloaded the source for quake 3 and a while back I download the sorce for homeworld (one) and both were in C. Why? if C++ is so much more object oriented why do people continue to use C? Because they thought C would be the right tool (and the one they felt more confortable with) to get the job done. And I guess they were right.
  6. Quote:Original post by FunkyCatSpangky ... Erm ... do I speak like Hal9000 ??? Wow ... I take that as a complement ... ;) Yeah, it was. You're so polite. That's refreshing. [smile]
  7. Quote:Original post by DreamGhost blew: Why do you post on a topic with irrelevant chatter? Maybe he is HAL 9000 and that is why he speaks in such a way. I don't know. Maybe i'm just a rebel. [grin] [smile]
  8. Why do you speak like HAL 9000? [grin]
  9. How does win32 draw wallpaper?

    Quote:Original post by Shannon Barber Cram the two wall-papers together into 1 bitmap and set it as the background. That was a million dollar answer. [smile] I won't be the one paying, though. [wink]
  10. I'm currently waiting for HDD camcorders to rise (and become a standard). The new line of JVC's Everio camcorders are nice, but the quality isn't that good. I'm looking forward for Sony's DCR-SR100 now.
  11. Java being stupid

    Where is numParticles declared?
  12. Hello there. This is not about game development so i decided to post here at the lounge. I'm working on my personal webpage (how lame, i know [wink]) and i currently have a section about the songs i've been listening to over and over lately. Currently i have a bit of the songs lyrics and a link to the band's official website. I was wondering if it is legal for me to also have a small sound clip of the musics, in decent quality (like about 30 seconds at 128 kbps). Is this considered fair use (as i'm actually giving them some free publicity) or should i avoid this as it may give me problems since i have no license to do it? An alternative is to just link to the album's page in amazon, where they usually have their own sound clips... What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
  13. Talking about one and only one firewall, i myself am using two. Before WinXP SP2 cameout, i only used Zonelabs' firewall. Then SP2 came out but i kept using just Zonelabs. Later, everyone started to say that this time the Windows Firewall was actually a firewall, and i turned it on (but didn't shut down Zonelabs). Since both worked together without any problem, i thought, what the heck, i'm gonna keep them both on until something goes wrong. But it never did, as far as i know. Recently i've read that using more than one can cause problems. I never noticed any lag nor anything strange. Everything is smooth as it used to be. What do you guys think/recommend?
  14. Code style

    Seriously, the code style you've seen on that engine must be used by another million people. I'm pretty sure they didn't just invent a new revolutionary code style that no one else has thought of before. I say, just use that code style and don't worry about it. If you ever have to worry (highly unlikeable), use your IDE or 3rd party software to change the code style to something else.
  15. Code style

    What!? There is no patent about braces, identation and variable/function names!? Oh boy, i'm gonna get that one! [grin]