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  1.   A big part of the problem imo is how vast the bill is. A lot of the reforms would have passed bipartisan easily, but they were attached to huge sticking points that would never pass with bipartisan support. Generally people like to ignore the problems with the bill under the excuse of, "...but healthcare is better than no healthcare!" and that's the kind of thinking that ends up 10 years later with you wondering why politicians were so stupid to pass a bill that essentially makes health insurance companies both incredibly powerful and on a crash course for drastic change or failure.   The simple answer to why things like the ACA are generally bad is because a 'mostly good' philosophy is not a good philosophy for legislating.   edit: And personally I would prefer most of the things offerred by the ACA to be handled at the state level. I am not a fan of how much responsibility we give the federal government instead of the state government. If a state government has a failure you can usually fix it in weeks/months and if it's really bad you can move. If a federal government has a failure the fixes usually take months/years and it's not nearly as easy to relocate to a new country as to a new county.
  2. way2lazy2care

    VS2013 always online requirements?

    I find people in general are paranoid. I've gotten into a number of arguments with people who are paranoid about giving apps permissions on their phone. I get why they are paranoid, but personally the awesome features granted via various cloud-esque interactions with my software are worth it to me.   Slightly related I stopped playing The Walking Dead because I got half way through the last chapter on a different computer than my own, and never finished it because it has no cloud saves.
  3. way2lazy2care

    NFL football

    Groin injuries really depend on severity and how much the player has to move around. In Cutler's case being pretty essential to the team is probably a factor in possibly coming back sooner, though I wouldn't really consider him a top tier quarterback. On the plus side, that means another quarterback could probably still do decent for the team because the bears have a generally good team this year. All that said, I am a Packers fan, so suck it.
  4. I don't know the number of hours, but it was a 3 credit semester long class for me. I hated calc 3 because my professor was not a good teacher though, so a lot of it left my brain shortly after that class unfortunately. It's a shame because I really enjoyed calculus up to that point.
  5. way2lazy2care

    Will the market become flooded with games (Unity etc)

    I think the idea that markets are flooded is incorrect. Art generally doesn't work like most consumer products because art is generally not a substitute product for other art. If you are making a derivative/generic game that might be the case, but I can't think of any current game market that is currently flooded to the point where a new idea that's well implemented would flounder just because it is surrounded by other games. You obviously have to do a little more footwork for visibility, but I don't consider that a flooded market.
  6. way2lazy2care

    coffeine consumption

    Sorry I only skimmed the thread, but I'll put in my .02. Sorry if I'm off topic now. I drink a coffee every morning, but no more than that and none on weekends. I find limiting caffeine intake drastically affects it's effects on me. When I used to drink 2-3 cups per day it didn't really do anything. Now I drink one cup in the morning and water pretty much all of the rest of the time. Now the one cup in the morning doesn't really make me more mentally capable, but makes me feel less sleepy. Not quite sure how to put it; it's like my brain isn't awake, but it doesn't want to sleep either. idk. It's definitely noticeable for me. Within 5-10 minutes I'm awake/not-sleepy now.
  7. way2lazy2care

    SteamOS, Steam Machines, & Steam Controller

    I think similarly to the second announcement. It's fine, but it doesn't feel like it warrants the gravity of a countdown. I wish they would have just done all three announcements at the same time on Monday. The way they released the information has me feeling lukewarm about something I'd otherwise probably be fairly positive about.
  8. way2lazy2care

    SteamOS, Steam Machines, & Steam Controller

      I get that, but the amount of hype they generated did not match the actual announcement. It's the same problem that causes people to still make fun of the Segway; the, "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT THAT WILL QUITE LITERALLY CHANGE THE WAY EVERY HUMAN LIVES THEIR LIVES!... It's a scooter."   Imagine how flat the iPod/Pad/Phone would have fallen if they came out and said, "It's the iPod, and next year we'll be launching a beta test where 300 lucky Apple fans will be able to beta test it," instead of, "It's the iPod, and it's out next month."   I'm not saying what they're doing doesn't make sense from a business perspective, but from a marketing perspective it's at best a wasted opportunity.
  9. way2lazy2care

    What percentage of your income do you spend on rent?

    I pay around 20% of my income, but I would probably go as high as 35%. The apartment I have right now is a steal for a 2bdrm even though it's in an older building. Like others have said it really comes down to how focussed you are on lifestyle vs savings. Personally I've been trying to grow my investment portfolio, so I tend to focus more on lower cost adequate living than higher cost desirable living.
  10. way2lazy2care

    SteamOS, Steam Machines, & Steam Controller

    I am interested in the idea of the Steam OS. I think part of the problem they could have is that playstation and xbox have been growing a media ecosystem, and Steam I think will have a harder time developing those partnerships for the near future; stuff like the on demand movie services PS and Xbox have or Xbox's deal with the NFL. They're in a position where they could be THE media center OS, but people expect a lot from such a position.   The second announcement I think was the biggest non-announcement in the world. Their announcement was essentially saying that they were at a stage 6-12 months before an announcement that's actually interesting. "We're announcing a new operating system!  BUT WAIT! That operating system is going to run on hardware. Some time in 2014. for 300 people."   Personally I would have held off on announcing Steam OS at all until I had a piece of hardware I could launch in the same quarter. Imagine how crazy the internet would have gotten if they would have announced some piece of hardware that's pre-orderable today. Seems like a total waste of the hype they'd been building for the past week and now I'm even less interested in what they announce today.
  11. It's not lazy to want automated renaming/refactoring to not break things. I agree with most of what you said except the braces. Braces are great.
  12. way2lazy2care

    Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

    Why not? Are mothers and sisters incompetent or not capable because they are women? Everyone CAN use all that stuff, it is only a matter of time investment. Also, there are MANY sisters and mothers out there who use this stuff much better than you, and many fathers and brothers who are absolutely clueless at it. Clearly he meant because your sister owns a small company and your mom is a CFO so they don't have time to learn bash. Stop being sexist
  13. way2lazy2care

    Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

      Expandable icons would be pretty cool. Like icons that hold what would be considerred an app group in the modern UI.   What I'd like also would be to be able to switch to a horizontal home screen (scrolls up/down instead of left/right). Or maybe if it could do either depending on where you stick your groups.   I only just looked into how to customize that screen more because of this post, and it's definitely something I have totally missed out on. I'll have to customize my stuff more. I should probably also get around to adding that steam->modern UI thingy someone made.   edit: pipe dreams and ramblings :p
  14. way2lazy2care

    UDK 4 release date?

    Huh. I must have missed that totally. That's pretty groovy.
  15. way2lazy2care

    UDK 4 release date?

    When did they announce that?
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