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  1. Hello. I am a pixel artist and here is my portfolio. Past experience I have worked hard one month on Maiveos: The Mask of Acknowledgement. Portfolio Contact Discord Mikix#9604
  2. Programmer filled. Sound composer filled. Still need a character artist!
  3. These roles are currently needed. +1 artist role unfilled Must have good experience in character art. You will have to take tasks that are associated with characters uniforms and variances of faces and hair. You know how to wand and rotate clothing onto the characters animations. +1 sound composer role unfilled Must have more than three years experience. Clicks with game music very good and can make them himself. A plus if you can make sound effects. +1 programmer role unfilled Must have good experience in C++. A plus if you have worked on 2d rpg games before.
  4. Head over to http://www.mikionline.site/ and fill the form on the contact page if you have any interest in this game. It's a 2D game set in a viking mythological world.
  5. I'm interested. You can reach me on discord at murg#9604. And you can check out my site at https://www.mikionline.net/current-project
  6. Preferably with other artists or vacancies. I have made a character doll and would like to continue working on it. It's 96x96 tall and I plan on doing 156x156 for the bosses. It's 4-directional and fully animated with 7 frames. I read somewhere that you can make an animated doll and add all the accessories to the frames through a script. I'm preparing to give this doll out and make new dolls but I need help with making accessories for it. You can find me on discord at murg#9604.
  7. Hello. We are interested. https://discord.gg/YRARVs3 https://www.mikionline.net/current-project
  8. Hello. We are interested. https://discord.gg/YRARVs3 https://www.mikionline.net/current-project
  9.   Shoot me a PM.
  10.   Contact Method   dahkar@msn.com
  11. Animal Racing (WIP)

    Donkey animations are done. Some animals left. This is a game for android. Backgrounds and icons is someone else doing, so I don't know if I have permission to post it.   I'm really looking forward to the finished product. I've played the demo on PC, it's pretty hard at the moment. But the programmer says it's better on a mobile platform.
  12. Do I need to send samples? How many pages? Or do I need to have a written book launched already? Do I need to be NATIVE to the english language? Do I need to work in-house? What makes them choose me?
  13. [font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]Hi programmers. I have always loved games in my life and I am starting to get really involved in indie gaming. Playing them and discussing about game developing. But I am just a beginner who wants to do a nice 2d game. Since communication is the key to development, like ape to human, I would like to get a teacher to learn me from start to end. In very detailed manner. I can make the graphic myself since I have been drawing intermediately for 2 years on the computer. I am really ready to transform into a programming geek. Please help me make this dream come true. I am speaking fluently 3 languages, but none of them are coding languages. I am very interested in languages in general and I hope this interest will help me get better in programming. Skype: mrsagil E-mail: dahkar[at]msn[dot]com[/font]
  14. Criticism rant

    I might get flamed here. But I need to steam off. When people accuse artists that they can't take criticism and that they are the reason that aids exist is just bullshit. Before you criticize someones work, you need to think before you write. Oddly enough talking goes faster while writing you can read it over again to check if it's alright. Yes, I've been here before. I've gotten better in art. But it was not because people downrated me and told me that the art is bad. It's because I've grown personally and got used to the software that I am using. I have still more to learn though. So a few days ago I sold my first artpiece. It encouraged me to work even more. Some people, and even people that want them free stuffs handed to them, have too far fetched dream of every single art being their perfect style. I say perfectionists. Screw your style, just say something to do in detail but don't hang over my personal brushing style. It's what makes me. Art is personal. And I am a person. If you don't want it, good luck, there are plenty others that might like it or take it as it is because they are not playing the art director. /rant off P.S. You gotta have a real interesting game going if you want me to work for free. Work is money. I could do something else to get income instead of working for a mega boss with his own ambitious. What I'm saying is people have to play nice with eachother. And if you don't appreciate someones art don't say it harshly. If you had a bad day keep it to yourself, don't let innocent people who want to help be your puppet.