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  1. I was going to go to bed early, then the Sharks went to double-overtime.
  2. GDD: 52 pages and counting.
  3. Finding a programmer is making me crazy.
  4. I have a burning desire to remaster all of my music. Also, Day Four/GDC Wrap-up is forthcoming, but I feel like writing it will mean it is over, so I may procrastinate a bit.
  5. Gollum says "Wraiths on wings!" like it's the farking sum of all fears lol
  6. I already know what I am doing for Halloween: keeping a Penderecki CD in my car.
  7. Starting a little late today...just got to Moscone.
  8. Day three is over. One more day. I wish I knew what the cool bars were!
  9. GDC was awesome today, and getting to hang out with Valerie Pledger afterward was awesomer. It made for a long day, but the talks were fulfilling and I cannot argue with an open bar!
  10. Expo booth girls.
  11. Getting ready for day two. The Audio Boot Camp (misnomer) was fun, but the really deep talks start today, and so do the Expo and Career Pavilion.
  12. Day one: over.