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  1. Match making question

    The documentation for the Source engine does a pretty good job of explaining the basics: The only thing that's really different in a player hosted setup is that you will need to introduce an artificial delay for the host in order to make things more fair. I understand what you're asking, but trying to synchronize everyone so that they have an equal amount of latency is just going to make the game unplayable for everyone. All that effort is still not going to solve some of the annoyances of lag compensation such as players getting shot behind corners etc.
  2. I would like to set a static background that is not rotated or translated along with other game objects. How would you accomplish that in OpenGL?
  3. This simple program compiles without any errors, but it doesn't run. The debugger is able to load it, but absolutely nothing happens. If I remove the IMG_Load part, it runs just fine. I have the SDL_image framework installed, and I have set it to "Copy Frameworks into .app bundle". Can anyone see what is wrong? The relevant part is the load_image function. EDIT: I used IMG_Load before I had initialized SDL. Problem solved. [Edited by - Memloop on March 22, 2009 12:51:08 PM]