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  1. Well sorry but I can't give any advice on getting in but just wanted to say the portfolio looks great! You have some really nice work going there.   One thing I would mention is to get on LinkedIn, Google+, create a facebook page and get your name out there. Join development groups and discussions. Every time you update your blog post about it every where. If nothing else it shows dedication and longevity.
  2. Very, Very nice!   lol, Love the tankless water heater, of all things, I'm a plumber by day, hahahaha   The man model looks fantastic!   Nice portfolio there.
  3. Congrats on your first publish!   Looks good! Keep at it!
  4. Congrats!   I have to say, the graphics look absolutely fantastic! Very well done!   Keep posting any new updates and keep everyone in the loop!   Good luck!
  5. Wow! Very, very nice! Its sad to say, my gaming time has gone done to zero due to making my own games, but this really looks good!   Keep it up and thanks for the updates!   Even if you think no one is listening, someone is always watching!
  6. I finished rigging and animating my Blender made green dragon model! Check out the youtube video! http://youtu.be/OEn1vW4J_dI Read the blog about it here... http://yellzbellz.com/blender-animated-green-dragon-model/
  7. Just finished my Green Dragon model for my next Dragon Shooter game coming soon to YellzBellz!   Let me know what you think!  
  8. Personally I loved Flash and actionscript. Using it to make a stand alone game? I wouldn't have chosen to go that route. For me, Flash is great to deploy some cool games in a web browser, but if I were to make a stand alone game, depending on the target, I would go with Java, Blitzmax or MonkeyX. I choose these languages because thats what I am familiar with and they are very easy to use, BlitzMax and MonkeyX being languages focused for making games.   There are other languages/ Software/ Engines that purely focus on game making, like RPGMaker, Cocos2d, Unity3d, Gamemaker studio, torque2d/3d, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, etc out there, but I haven't tried any of the other ones (except Torque, didn't fit me too well).   Going with Java, C++ or C# you have to delve a bit deeper, find and include some 3rd party modules and do a bit more figuring things out to get that same game up and running.   I always engcourage going with a langauge that is focused on game making for beginners. In the end though it will all depend on what your goals are and how deep you want to go!
  9. Wow! Those look outstanding!   I will have to take a better look.   Nice job!
  10. I recently finished updating my website at YellzBellz.com! I added some new pages, re-organized things, catagorized things and changed the theme a bit.   Now that I'm done with that I can get back into making my games! I currently use MonkeyX so I can write once and port to all the different devices and platforms!   I'm about 75% done with my newest game, an arcade style Dragon shooter and am working on my Dragon models in blender!   Heres a current pic...   If you get a chance, check out my site and let me know what you think!   Thanks!
  11. I would think game design universities focus on game design and creation. I would be money that some would have classes dedicated to art and storylines. Concept art is a huge base for all games. Implementing the concept art is a field in game development all by itself. Story telling is a whole nother thing. I dont see too many universities investing much in that area.   A big laugh is the age old, "so game designers think they can tell a story huh?"   Depending on what you plan on ending up doing in the long run, I would look at going to a school with dedicated programs for art and storytelling. I would say any game design program would treat the art and storytelling as a second hand thing, focusing mainly on game mechanics, enviroments, language, AI, physics, implementation, deployment and all that stuff.   Your best bet would be to find out how certain universities rate, get the specifics on what programs those universities offer, talk to the university and talk to people that are enrolled there.   Good luck and have fun!!!!
  12. I am a big fan of Java, its the most used language in my arsenal. My problems came with deployment. In order to port to many different devices, I would have to rewrite a specific version for each device. I am a bigger fan of a write once, port to many devices kind of language!
  13. Alot of the answers your looking for will depend on a few things like what is your end target? What is your currentl skill set? As someone who has spent years trying different things and many different tools, what you decide to do with your project in the end can dictate which tools would be best for the job.   Personally, I am not an expert coder, but I make up for it with my stubborness. Something that might take someone a week to create could take me a few weeks. :)   I recently got into MonkeyX this year after evaluating my hobby plan. I've worked on my ultimate uber RPG for years and have gone through quite few different languages in doing it.   I ultimately decided to throw my gloves in the ring of Mobile Developement and started that path using Java. After completing my first game, I realized the mess I was in. I had to rewrite the game in order to port it to each device. Thats where I found MonkeyX, a damn good write once, port to many devices enviroment. I rewrote my original game in 1 week using MonkeyX and got it ported to Android and Iphone. Its great for 2d or 2.5d style of games.   Unity is another option, but I've never looked at it so I can't give it a fair recommendation.
  14. Definitely looks great! Love the overall feel of the graphics, they look top notch! Looks to be very interesting!   :)
  15. Cool game! The splash screen is pretty damn good too! Impressive! :)   Love the graphics and overall game play!   Nice job!