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  1. Hello there I need a good text book containing exercises for (Maya and Unreal Engine) so that I can create some new and original content. For programming I have been using C++ Primer which satisfies my need to write code but I also like art and design. Please can you give some advice about which text books I should buy. I already know the basics of both (Maya and Unreal Engine) since I have created stills in Maya and designed a level in Unreal Engine. For example, character art would be about (modelling, shading, rigging, animating) and importing into Unreal to hook up some gameplay code. I just wanted you to know that I don’t need to learn these tools from the ground up because I already know them quite well. But rather I need some constructive guidance in the form of exercises that will enable me to create some new and original content using these apps. — Wisey
  2. wisey

    learning vc++/directx

    Thanks for your replies so far. I also sent a message to somebody working for Ubisoft but he seems to be ignoring every attempt I have made to contact him. Obviously, I would prefer to get advice from a professional so special thanks goes out to Jason Z.    I am going to wait a little longer before I decide how to spend the next year of my life.    -- Steve
  3. I need some advice about reading material for learning vc++/directx programming. I am working on some prototypes in visual studio using DirectX. I am trying to demonstrate simple things like how to use c++ to do sprite animation in interesting ways. Specifically, I am working on a graph editor for building nav meshs for bots to use A* pathfinding to find a users own ship (simple sprite). The app checks for user input and re-draws the new position based upon the result. And the bots calculate the shortest path each time through the loop and the language moves the bot closer to the user’s ship.   Anyhoo. I am getting into difficulty with the language and specifically how to implement design patterns. The problem is obviously that I have never read any official tutorial style book about c++ before. I have Stroustrup’s book for reference. And I have followed tutorials, just clearly not enough of them to be able to turn concepts into code. I have also watched a lot of video tutorials.   What I have been told to do by the guru’s on freenode’s #c++ and here (GameDev.net) is to read a book. The guy’s on #c++ have a list of books (some of them are very dated). And one of my thoughts was since I am using vc++ to interact with DirectX that I should buy a book centred around that specifically. Rather than just command line c++ stuff. I am at a loss as to what I should read. And by read, I mean that I want something that I can read cover to cover, word for word. Just to absorb as many skills as I can.   At least if I do this then the guy’s on the forums and in chat can’t fob me off by telling me to go and read a book. I really don’t want to jump back into the code base I have been working on until I have completed a thorough treatment of a decent text book.   So my question is this. Can you recommend a book? I feel at this stage that just one book should be enough. The reason I am coming to you is that you are a professional vc++/DirectX coder amongst other things.     -- Steve Wiseman    
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