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  1. Favorite Movie Poll

    Blazing Saddles
  2. voice chat in mmorpgs

    You might want to check out Space Cowboys. Its one of the few mmorpgs that has integrated voice chat.
  3. The Spirit Of Truth

    They guy who posted the video on Youtube said this guy's show was on public access there for like 3 weeks. He went on to say that he has searched but didnt find anything else on "The Spirit of Truth"
  4. The Spirit Of Truth

    Flowing from the Survival Scroll
  5. Open Ended Adventure Game.

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  6. How is your stance with your 'parents in law'?

    I get along pretty well with my in-laws. There was a little tension when my mother-in-law moved in for a month after we had our first child, but now (she doesnt live here any more) everthing is great.
  7. As long as you are going to college, there is nothing wrong with living at home. But after graduation, getting a job and you are still at home, there might be a problem. My parents always made it clear that they were gonna 'put rollerskates on my feet and kick me in the ass' when I turned 18. They didnt :). I stayed home, while in college until age 20 (junior and college). BTW, If you are a parent with adult children at home that wont leave, start walking around the house naked. Wait until your kid is eating breakfast and walk in the kitchen naked and get some juice and read the paper. :)
  8. The question shouldn't be what you can get away with, it should be can you afford to be sued? Being right or wrong doesnt matter sometimes in civil cases, its who has the highest paid lawyer. Best to stay on the safe side.
  9. Good PC RPG?

    Depending on just how old your pc is, the Orignal Bard's Tale games were great. So were the old Gold Box SSI Dungeons and Dragons games. Also there is Eternal Lands, its a mmorpg but the client wont kill your comp. It's free btw, free to download, free to play. Go Here.
  10. Do you pee in the shower?

    I pee in the shower. Now a question to all those that say they dont. If you have the urge to pee while in the shower, do you get out of the shower?
  11. Help! Broken TV

    Do you remeber where you bought it? If you got it from Wal-Mart, they will take it back. I know they have that 30 day yada yada....reciept yada yada yada stuff posted, but just on a whim I took a broken dvd player I had for like 3 years back and got a new one.
  12. mmorpg...

    One game that is at least trying to break the mold of the power leveling trend in mmorpgs is Seed. Its currently in closed beta. Second Life is another mmog that takes a different approach. It now offers a free account, that is verified via supported cell phone carriers. I havent played either of these.
  13. Where's My Money

    Classic Family Guy clip: Family Guy: Where's My Money
  14. Free stuff on the internets

    Eternal Lands The Goods: MMORPG, Free to play, open source (client), great community, Linux support The Catch: gameplay is a bit slow, but still fun.