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  1. The profiler was showing mundane get functions as the most sampled ones, I wasnt making any sense out of it...Im sure it doesnt inline on debug, but that is also the case for vs 2010...tried to change from "type" to "const type &" as return value to see if anything changed, it didnt, but then enabling [inline function expansion] to [any suitable] solved the problem. Optimizing debug builds is not as pleasurable as release ones u_u
  2. After tweaking features on the debug build, disabling RTCs (leaving RTCu instead of "both") was the only thing that changed the fps, it went even better then on vs 2010 debug. Trough thats not really a solution to anything, it basically kills major debug features from debug build.. tsc
  3. This isn't the case at all.  You can quite safely use a higher version SDK; just #define WINVER and friends appropriately before including any files from that SDK and you're good to go.  See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6sehtctf.aspx for more info (and the appropriate define values).   Thats really confusing, here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/windows-10-sdk It says: This SDK also supports building Windows apps and desktop applications for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. For earlier versions of the Windows and Windows Phone SDKs, see the Archive page.   Also here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt186161.aspx It says: In the Target Platform Version dropdown list, choose the version of the Windows 10 SDK you want to target, or choose 8.1 if you don't want to make any changes. Choose the OK button to apply the change. Note that 8.1 in this context refers to the Windows SDK version, which is also backwardly compatible with Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista.
  4. Im using windows 7. I always use warning lvl 4 for my projects, Im quite used to it, and Id like to keep it this way. I migrated a project from VS 2010 to comunity, and now I have a bunch of warnings, theyr all from windows gdi files. Using Warning version 18 "fixes" it. Those are from the folder windows kit/8.0/include/..  Theyr mundane things like using parameters names that are the same as the class member, etc. Which got me thinking...from where should I be including windows includes from..Im under windows 7, and I have in the windows kit folder folders: 8.0, 8.1 and 10...I was assuming newer versions (8.1 and 10) wont produce warnings ( they just got installed with vs community) But then I tried 8.1, and its the same thing. From msdn Im under the impression I shouldnt use windows sdk 10 if targeting windows 7 (it doesnt even show windows 10 under the retarget sdk version option, it actually just shows 8.1..)..so I guess Im stuck with it.   Other than that all went incredibly suspiciously fine...Then I pushed play on debug mode, and frame rate is about 2 fps..e_e" Cant really debug under vs community like that. The release version is fine...theres anything I can do to make the debug version lighter? on vs2010 the debug version took long to initialize due reading ginormous txt files only, but kept decent fps (>60 fps).. On community its not taking even half the time it takes to initialize, but ~2 fps..gotta be kidding me..Using the super "pause lots of times" profiling technique looks like its my collision system, which was also the slower thing on vs2010, but still dont see any reason to that slow down.
  5. Monty Hall Problem Code to Proof

    You know that one cassino example:   You keeping betting low values on a color. Till you get some high sequence of the same colors. black, red, black, black, black, black Now, chances are the next one will be red, so you bet everything...and ure screwed cause 50% chances is always 50% chances.. Statistically speaking, that means that using this technique you could increase ur money (cause for a fixed number of tries, u know the average number that each color will be pick)..but does this work in practice like the Monty Hail case? No..I guess...I dunno anymore..I mean, if this works everyone would do it..but I dunno how cassinos work.   I though this one was the same case.   But them every time I run the code, its always the same %, not a single time I manage to get lower then 50% wins, even with 10 tries you have super high win score, with 50 tries its already dead win
  6. Theres something wrong here..   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhlc7peGlGg     First...Thats gotta be bullshit, 50% chances are always 50% chances, u dont dare stack chances man u_u**, what dimension is this?? I dont get it..   So I went and coded it, but its not even just getting me better chances, its getting me ~60% wins if I change the door, and ~30% wins if I keep the door? Then I went and added a pick one of two chances with the same code structure to check if Im not doing some retarded stuff, but then I do get an average of ~50% wins..   It gotta be something related to random numbers not being true random or something...Can someone spot issues? I need issues to keep going with my life, that doesnt make any sense using System; public class Test { enum prize{ goat, car}; Random rnd = new Random();//Environment.TickCount); Random rndPick = new Random(Environment.TickCount); // just trying to see if makes a difference void Shuffle(ref prize[] array){ //Console.WriteLine("shuffling"); int n = array.Length; prize[] doors = new prize[n]; for (int it = 0, nElementsRemaining = n; it < n; ++it) { // Console.WriteLine("it = "+it); int randomIndex = rnd.Next(0, nElementsRemaining); //Console.WriteLine("randomIndex = "+randomIndex); doors[it] = array[randomIndex]; array[randomIndex] = array[--nElementsRemaining]; //Console.WriteLine("nElementsRemaining = "+nElementsRemaining); // string szarray = //array[0].ToString() + " " + array[1].ToString() + " " + array[2].ToString(); //Console.WriteLine("a = "+szarray); } array = doors; //Console.WriteLine("--------"); } public void Execute(bool changeDoor, int tries){ int currTries = tries;//5000000; int wins = 0; int loses = 0; while (--currTries >= 0) { // Console.WriteLine("=================================="); prize[] doors = new prize[]{prize.goat, prize.goat, prize.car}; Shuffle(ref doors); // string szDoors = // doors[0].ToString() + " " + doors[1].ToString() + " " + doors[2].ToString(); //Console.WriteLine("szDoors = "+szDoors); int pickDoor = rndPick.Next(0, 3); // Console.WriteLine("pickDoor = "+pickDoor + "\n============================="); int eliminatedDoor = 0; while(true){ if( eliminatedDoor != pickDoor && doors[eliminatedDoor ] == prize.goat ) break; ++eliminatedDoor; } // Console.WriteLine("eliminatedDoor = "+eliminatedDoor); if (changeDoor == true) { bool[] doorsRemaining = new bool[] {true, true, true}; doorsRemaining[pickDoor] = false; doorsRemaining[eliminatedDoor] = false; pickDoor = 0; while(true){ if( doorsRemaining[pickDoor] == true ) break; pickDoor++; } } if( doors[pickDoor] == prize.car ) wins++; else loses++; } Console.WriteLine("wins: " + wins + "\n" + "loses: "+ loses); float avgWins = (float)wins / (float)tries; Console.WriteLine("avg: " + avgWins.ToString("0.0###")); } public void ExecutePicOfTwo(int tries) { int currTries = tries;//5000000; int wins = 0; int loses = 0; while (--currTries >= 0) { prize[] doors = new prize[] { prize.goat, prize.car }; Shuffle(ref doors); int pickDoor = rndPick.Next(0, 2); if (doors[pickDoor] == prize.car) wins++; else loses++; } Console.WriteLine("wins: " + wins + "\n" + "loses: " + loses); float avgWins = (float)wins / (float)tries; Console.WriteLine("avg: " + avgWins.ToString("0.0###")); } public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Press enter to step."); while (true) { int tries = 50000; Console.ReadLine(); Test newTest = new Test(); Console.WriteLine("pic of two:"); newTest.ExecutePicOfTwo(tries); Console.ReadLine(); //Test newTest = new Test(); Console.WriteLine("keep door:"); newTest.Execute(false, tries); Console.ReadLine(); Console.WriteLine("change door:"); newTest.Execute(true, tries); } } }
  7. Mind blow Ring Puzzle Toy

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsb7CxwSiBA     That gotta be a glitch in the matrix..I cant grasp whats going on...Reminds me of that "visualizing quaternions" book, that makes quaternions even more confusing to understand (That belt illustration example that I still dont get).
  8. I just blew up a power supply.

    The new one I bough, same brand, is "auto" voltage or whatever its called. The model I blew is out of line.   The whole different plug format + different voltages is a fucking nightmare...   Wireless electricity will solve it all, why is it taking so long?
  9. I just blew up a power supply.

    I removed it, I had to wiggle more, it wasnt moving, and the mobo was lose in one corner, so I couldnt use much force.   Now that I removed it, I can see a fuse inside the power supply, is there any chance it can be fixed by only replacing the fuse? The weird thing is the fuse looks welded to the board...why youd do that? Isnt the fuse just there do blew itself in sacrifice? Should have a little dor where you can just replace it, like some power strips.
  10. I just blew up a power supply.

    Any tips on removing a 24 pin cable from mobo? Dx
  11. How start to do at least something?

    Hmmm, I always start things, so getting ready is not a problem: I draw sketches, I define styles, start to think on gameplay specifics, draw lots of mockups that helps me anticipate lots of stuff. Then I go to code, work on a 2d character controller (I just do 2d games on my own projects) to have a controllable thing on the screen, generally its just a single frame for some main poses (idle, walking, jumping) to start get the feel of the game.   My problem is I get tired of things really fast, at the time I have everything on track Im already not inspired on the idea anymore, and start having new ideas..And thats the story of my life.   Its been quite long time that Ive been limiting my scopes to help me finish something, but its not working. One of the last game idea I come up with "just one character", so every enemy and the player would be the same sprite, that would cut the work a lot. Id only have to changes colors and armor. The thing is, Im not that much found of simple games, at the time the idea is polished, its already way more complex than I expected. Cause otherwise the inspiration doesnt even sparks. So in that game idea, since everyone would be the same character, why not add some different moves right? Vert slashs, horz slahs, thrust, all with one handed and double handed sword versions...>_< never happened. In some other idea I decided come up with a sketch style (no colors, no polishment in the art), that would also cut a lot of work..   The funniest thing of all is that at every place I work on Im the efficient guy nobody understand how Im always at 100%.. But thats because I dont really care, I have no personal attachments, I just do the best I can in the time imposed to me.   So getting stuff done is also problem to me too...But learning stuff I both like doing and want is really natural to me. I dont go "what to learn today". Its more  like "I need/want to do this, but dont know how->research". That worked extremely well for 2d art (Ive been drawing nonstop my entire life) and programming (hmmm since ~2004?, I dont remember).   I tried to do music, pirated Fruit Loops, watched some tutorials...cant do anything in it...I still want to try to focus on getting some music done. Some times I have music theme ideas, I compose some parts of then in my head, but dont know how to put it anywhere and end up forgetting about them. The main problem here: Im yet to find enjoyable tryng to make music..contrary to programming and drawing, I cant make any sense out of music or how ppl learn it. Most ppl just learn to play music already exist...that would be like drawing by only copying stuff, which is useless. I want to learn how to take musics out of my head. But if I never find a way to make this enjoyable, I will give up. Otherwise is not worth it. When you enjoy something, even if youre shit at it (or end up not being good enough) is still worth cause youre having fun.   Thats just a point of view thou, not really an answer to anything.
  12. I just blew up a power supply.

    This is the one: http://cougargaming.com/index_ss.php?id=424   It have a swich for 115/230, I didnt even though about it, just pluged int wall outlet 220, fucking switches man..   Now Im hoping it was just the power supply that blew..Already order a new one..   The thing is: OVP (Over-voltage protection) If the voltages increase above a certain tolerance value on the single lines, the PSU automatically switches off.   Oh really? REALLY? e_e tell me more lies..   Tsc...ruined my day
  13. Update rate vs RTT?

    This is actually much more confusing then I though when I started to write this thread...   I mean, the update rate and receiving rate is basically the same regardless of latency.. If I send 30 packets a second and the latency is 2 seconds, packets are all getting there 2 seconds late, but theyre all getting there at the 30 per seconds rate...That makes the whole prediction thing different than what Im used to think...Generally I just think in terms of a single event..   The latency influence in prediction is the elastic effect caused by the 'delay and catch up' effect you have when predicting (either slow start and catch up (if stopped to moving) or go beyond and back(if moving to stop). But the update rate is just the granularity of the movement performed by the players. A low rate will look like the player move in straight lines, a high rate will more accurate describe a movement "zigzaging" if any.. Is that right?     But thats not even what I was thinking..   Should one try to adjust update rates (packet sending) accordingly to RTT measures?   I understand that gameplay wise: the higher rate the better; bandwidth wise: the minimum necessary the better. (pretty obvious)   But sending less or more packets under different latencies doesnt change anything gamewise, its the latency itself that change stuff (worse prediction)..So its really just trying to soften the problem that MAY be cause by congestion? Cause if its not congestion the problem, youre lowering your rates for no reason right?    Is it best practice to step in the breaks in the case of bad connection?    
  14. That old dos game

    Was it topview like zelda?
  15. I have a gtx260m, that thing came out in ~2009. It still get drivers update regularly... Im suppose to believe nvidia have ppl working on almost 10 years old cards? How does that works? Are these drivers making any difference for such an old card? What exactly are these updatings doing? Release notes for latest driver: This driver adds security updates for driver components of Tesla architecture class GPUs   Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 342.01 The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved since version 342.00. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this driver version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference. Windows 10 Fixed Issues There were no issues to report for this version. Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Fixed Issues There were no issues to report for this version.   http://uk.download.nvidia.com/Windows/342.01/342.01-win10-win8-win7-notebook-release-notes.pdf   Literally is doing noting?
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