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  1. Hi all, I'm very curious to know : * how their terrains are generated ? * how they handle the huge amount of data ? I'm starting to examine and I'm trying to cut up in several steps the process to generate this kind of terrain. *Each hexagon has its own type of terrain (moutain, desert, meadow, etc...). As you can see in this picture ([url=""]http://i590.photobuc.../Games/Moai.jpg[/url]), each type of terrain is well encompassed in its hexagon. The blending between ajdacent hexagons is quite good. *If you move quickly to an other part of terrain, we can see the loading of tiles (square tiles in Civilization 5). In this picture, i used the debug panel and we can see the square tiles [url=""][img]Picture[/img][/url] I think they blend several little heightmaps between them and create a "big heightmap" in order to generate the geometry of the terrain. But : *How they cut up in several tiles and handle those data ? *How the texturing works in this case ? Because, when we texture a terrain, the shaders needs a splatmap in order to blend textures (grass, rocks, sand, etc...), and their square tiles may contain several parts of differents hexagons... I'm confused on this point. If you have some ideas ! Thanks in advance ! Ps : Sorry for my bad grammar ;)
  2. Hi all, I would like to show you my cover letter in order to get some advices, some tips about it. Sorry, there are still spelling mistakes ... I would like to find a studio where I can develop on the new NGP (PSP2). " Dear ..., Iam about to get my M.A degree in programming at ENJMIN ( the only video gamespublic school in France ), and I would like to apply for a position as agameplay programmer at XXX starting May 2011. I am passionate about video gamesand programming, especially in [i]Real-Time3D[/i]. My cursus and several professional experiences enabled me to get strongknowledge of C and C++ programming languages, shaders, completed with a good familiarity with 3Dmathematics that gave me some reasonably deep understanding of the elementsthat go into making a game engine. During my cursus I had to work withinterdisciplinary teams in order to get prepared well to the needs of theindustry. I am curious and willing to diversy my skills and that is the reasonwhy I decided to work on distinct projects. First, we built a game enginewithin a team of 6 programmers in order to better understand how it works. Then,during my M.A cursus, I have developped various style of gameplay for myprojects, available and playable on my website ( http ://... .fr ). I am willing to work abroad and particularly inthe United States to get my hands on console hardware and specifically on Sonyhardware [i]since I am [/i]a huge fan ofSony’s licenses and range of products. That is the reason why I am very motivated to join your talented teamin order to bring all my skills and enthusiasm to your next projects. I feel confident I can make an immediate andpositive contribution. If it appears that my qualifications meet your currentneeds, I would like to further discuss my background in a meeting with you.Attached you will find my resume for more details. Thank you for your time andconsideration. I look forward to your reply. " Thanks in advance !
  3. Damn it ... Do you have some links to give me, web site which enumerate video games companies in england, and why not list of internship available ? (Like in France).
  4. Hi all, I'm a french student at ENJMIN, a video games' school in France. I'm looking for a training during this summer (july up to september). Three months is quite short and I ask you if it possible to find a training as a Gameplay programmer, games in 3D on PC or consoles, not internet games ! I'm looking for only in UK for this year. You can look at my web site : I've begun my cover letter. I copy it here, if some generous people could correct it or give me some advices. "Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Summer work placement application I am writing to ask whether you have vacancies within your Programming Department during the months of July, August and September 2010 as a Gameplay programmer. I am currently a student at ENJMIN (National School of Games and Interactive Medias) in France, for a Master’s Degree in Programming and I am looking for a summer work placement. My past experiences as a trainee have given me the skills to fit quickly in any new environment and to be able to work as a team member. Furthermore, my educational background has trained me to a wide range of expertises on game development, especially in 3D. My knowledge in this field allow me to have good experience with API 3D (DirectX and OpenGL), a good understanding and use of game engine, and strong maths skills. I discovered your company and your games on your web site, given by my school. (Develop the pros, the innovations of their games, etc…) Therefore, I am strongly motivated to learn and participate in the development of such games. I am sure that my sense of service and my relational skills will make this experience both profitable for your company and me. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application at interview. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely " Sorry for the mistakes, and this will be a good reason to improve my poor english.... Thanks in advance !