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  1. About SFX clashing Music

    Hi all, thank you for your answers and you time.   Well, about what Brian said, actually I would think the music taking care of the SFX but the developer gave me the SFX after I made 3/4 of the Soundtrack, actually I was in charge of music not the SFX. Although I take a lot of your advices, I'll change some SFX to inharmonic sounds, the ones that I can't I'll study the situations and see if I can have one tonallity or two this might be tricky since it's ethnic music (arabic scales, macaams, etc). In case I can't I'll be using the ducking, as it was the idea I had first. I'll let you know when it's all finished,   Thanks again,   Hernán
  2. Hi all! This is something that I asked myself long ago but I didn't have any challenge about it until now. I'm working on a PC vintage ethnic game, and I'm making Music and SFX. The soundtrack is big, and it turns to be in different keys each track, so when I have to make SFX with different hierarchy (for example, little things, little power ups, with big and important items and powers, etc.) I found that when I want to make this kind of musical or complex item SFX in one track or another it'll crash to dissonance in some of the levels. Having this problem I found that I worked for a lot of little games (with for example one track or two) in which I could fit the keys of the SFX and the soundtrack. But in this case I don't know if I have to let the developers code some kind of fade (as a side chain with the music) when the SFX is going on or If it has to be the music down, or if I have to change the esence of the sound design (maybe making inharmonic complex item sounds?). Thanks in advance, I'll try to figure it out but If you have some advice I'll learn something more. Best regards for all, Hernán