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  1. But meteor requires a meteor server. I understood a php backend is required. firebase uses the firebase service and you can use any backend you like.
  2. I would really suggest you take a look at firebase( Its a great service that allows for this realtime updating in browser apps.
  3. Unity 3D or Irrlicht/Ogre3D ?

    Well as i said before Irrlicht and Ogre are just rendering engines. They render stuff. They also have some scene management for rendering scenenodes. These scenenodes are just models, particles or other graphical entities. They are not the same as in Unity. The scene editors for both as far as i know are only able to place those objects in 3d space and not script them. If you are looking for a game engine and all tools needed you should go with Unity. If you are just looking for a rendering engine and you want to create your leveleditor, physics, audio and network systems yourself go with Irrlicht or Ogre.   Another thing about Irrlicht. It is quite easy to use and really easy to extend but this comes at the cost that it has not many advanced features build in. For example it has very limited prebuild shaders and only supports shadow volumes for shadows out of the box.
  4. Unity 3D or Irrlicht/Ogre3D ?

    Well you you should keep in mind that Irrlicht and Ogre3D are graphics engines and not gameengines. There might be sceneeditors for both of them but you can't compare them to Unity. Unity has everything you need to make a game bundled in a big package. For the other two you have to basicly create the package and all the tools you might need.
  5. Well have you thought about using both? Using the array for the iteration tasks the the hasmap for random access? besides do you really need to completely remove the entry? What is your entity?
  6. well not sure about cocos2d but if you use libgdx you can code your game with java and in eclipse and publish to a browser game. It gives you all the features you want(not sure about internetexplorer). You should give it a try its really easy to use and setup. And as an upside you can actually run the game on a pc(win, mac, linux) in a browser and on phones.
  7. Isn't flash banned from mobile devices...or lets say not available?
  8. Recommendations of A Langauge

    Well if you know Java give jmonkey a go.
  9. Unreal Networking design questions

    May i ask, is your game object the actor with the network id? if so you might want to rethink that. Somewhere in this post i saw python code with a "proxy" declaration, that seams to be the better idea. Seperate your actual game objects from the networked objects. That way you don't have to worry about special cases like "static" actors. They just exist...have different ids but the actor syncs to it. It as well saves you a lot of trouble with your local entities.
  10. Python 3.3 Need help with a file

    You don't have to replace anything. map_data is an array not a string. you can access every entry with the [id] operator.   so like map_data[0]
  11. Is C++ too complex?

    Ok when i saw that code i thought hmm pretty clear it should be the int constructor since the object doesn'exist yet....then i saw your explanation and i shrug...really? then i tried it just to be sure....first instinct was right your "spoiler" is wrong
  12. Is C++ too complex?

    [quote name='Paradigm Shifter' timestamp='1354582898' post='5006876'] You've probably never seen any really bad C++ code. C is a very light language but my, have I seen some terrible code which no-one understands. C++ is about 4 times worse if you write it badly. [/quote] I think i have seen alot of code and c can just be as bad as c++. Same goes for every programming language. You can always write bad code and create structures that no one understands besides yourself. But that really has not so much todo with the language used.
  13. Is C++ too complex?

    [quote name='Paradigm Shifter' timestamp='1354581397' post='5006860'] If only they could get rid of some of the mistakes they made earlier on and make a cleaner lighter language. Not going to happen though. [/quote] The language is light....i really don't see the problem alot of you seem to have with it. Its the same with any programming language. Once you know how to programm you can basicly programm in any language.
  14. Difference between 2 language

    If i understood you right you think all android apps should be free bc java is open source?(not even sure if that is completly true) Going by that logic i could say bread should be free bc i can grow the corn myself free of charge.... You are not paying for the underlyning infrastructure(vm, language tools, etc) but for the effort/timespend building the application.
  15. [quote name='James Leighe' timestamp='1329670000' post='4914548'] Whoa you can do that?! Black magics. Is that considered bad form or anything? [/quote] No its not BlackMagic... In Header files you should only include what is really needed and if possible forward declarations. What i showed is actually good practice and how it should be done.