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  1. sample the edited heightmap from the shader and calculate the normal exactly as you do with the noise normal.
  2. Yes, the reciprocal is correct. Why are you naming it frac? it's a bit confusing (the rest of the ray-box intersection code looks correct to my eyes).
  3. It would be simpler to run it on cpu, with just c++. But not knowing his goal, suggesting alternative solutions is not helpful.
  4. you should use the reciprocal of the dir, not the frac
  5. try if ((fptr = fopen(file_name, "wb")) == NULL)
  6. It does not work as you imagine it does. If that was the case, persistent buffer would make no sense. In THEORY: You can transfer around 5GB/s via persistently mapped buffers, at 60fps and 1M sprites, that's around 89byte/sprite. Without proper profiling, it's just readying crystal balls what "probably might be" the reason for the slow down.
  7. Krypt0n

    Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

    Congratulation to all you guys that kept this all managed and alive for such a long time.
  8. I've just changed my pimpls to this, I've been using "Fast impl" which follows the same paradigm, but had no alignment etc. checks.   one slight improvement I'd suggest is to rather use an inplacement new in the ctor, alike:   Foo(int bar) {     new ( &impl->dongle ) Dongle(bar); } edit: one missing point is, that you actually also have to explicitly call the dtor of the Impl. While it's natural when you use some autoptr implementation, in this case, you actually have to do it manually.
  9. Krypt0n

    Retro Mortis: RTS (Part 4) - A New Hope?

    I loved Ground Control and especially Stronghold, good flashback from your article :)
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