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    Please delete this. Oh and I have decided to not publish any games from here. I have been involved in sales and marketing for various software. I said that I am new to publishing games, hence the reason I do not have any games published yet. But I did say I have sales and marketing experience which I would use to help promote the game. I was a freelance web designer at a time, which is how I used to make money, and that is the reason I could provide a complimentary website. I am sorry if my website is such a huge turn off to you, and I even agreed to talk to everyone individually which I guess is not acceptable by you. And AJirenius, I would just like to tell you that maybe you should be a bit more nicer. I understand that you are a bit skeptical and that you are trying to give advice, but I think you should do it in a different manner. Honestly, it is a huge turn off to be talked to by somebody who talks like you. [Edited by - GrandGames on May 28, 2009 5:37:48 PM]
  2. Some of your photobucket images do not work. It would be great if you can get those links working.