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  1. praju1985

    SoftPixel Engine (now with Direct3D11)

    Looks pretty cool to me!!!! great..:P
  2. praju1985

    RTS server development

    I guess synchronizing with the slower one and delaying packets to the faster one will work perfectly!!! Or you could try to get a match between the two!!!!
  3. praju1985

    SDL + OpenGL: Blank screen

    Do both have the same OS and visual studio editions??? Try cleaning and rebuilding the project again!!!!
  4. praju1985

    Tutorial for this simple game?

    Is there an english version??? Did not understand a thing....:P
  5. praju1985

    List of free libraries

    That list is really cool...!!! could anyone please suggest one good networking library for C++?????????
  6. praju1985

    Game programming as a career?

    Quote:I'd say the biggest factor is how dedicated you are to learning it. I don't think you'll see much of a difference between those who started at 9 and you starting at 24. I do think you'll see a huge difference between someone who goes home and plays Left 4 Dead, and someone who goes home and reads C++ Templates. Thats it i would guess! the only factor is dedication. I am just a student programmer. But this is what even my teacher tells me. " If you have the dedication and committment, nothing else matters.THe doors will open automatically for you".
  7. praju1985

    C# vs C++???? whats the difference?

    C++ is tough! but it is better than C# in the case of memory management! We dont have control of memory management in C#! A little understanding of C++ can solve most of the toughest problems! so in my opinion it is worhtwhile to invest your time in C++ than in C#!
  8. praju1985

    Real beginners code

    The simplest way is to give using std::cout; In this case we wont be polluting the global namespace!
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