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  1. SoDdit

    Going to England

    i'd just like to say, its england. you wont get good guinness. you can only get a good pint of black in the mother country. best in rural pubs. 's like drinking liquid velvet.
  2. SoDdit

    Survey of modded consoles

    Quote:Original post by gcs584 Hi, Not to get you guys sidetracked or anything, but I must say that installing mod chips can have severe consequences. It's always important to get a well-known brand of mod chip. I know two friends who have had their xbox's 'messed up' and another friend whose mod chip simply wouldn't work. Some of you might say that they didn't know what they were doing, but yup....they did too. yeah, modding the xbox is trivial compared to modding the PS2 tho. thinks its like 9 easy to solder points on the xbox compared to 30 odd tricky little buggers on the ps2. tho i did toast the bios on my chip with a bad flash and had to buy a programmer to fix it. reminds me, still gotta re-install debug bios on it and get the XDK reinstalled....
  3. SoDdit

    Survey of modded consoles

    After all the recent fuss over leaks of major games (Halo2/GTA:SA) i've been wondering about the actual percentage of consoles with that have been fitted with a mod chip. If the number is high then i can see what all the fuss is about but if its like <5% then it would make it all little more than a storm in a tea-cup. So if you can post the number of consoles owned by yourselves and friends and how many of em have been modded we can do a quick and highly inacurate survey with no statistical value what so ever. I'll kick off I know of 2 xboxs and 2 ps2s all modded (yes one of the xboxs is mine but in my defense i modded it so i could develop on it and i do buy games, just second hand ones (£45 is a bit steep for me))
  4. SoDdit

    GTA: San Andreas pirated

    Quote:Original post by Acapulco Sweet baby jesus Warsong, your rating deserves to plummet to some theoretical minus value for that. Are you really in the business of developing games? How can you even tacitly support open theft of Rockstar's intellectual property? That you find this game boring is rendered irrelevant by the large number of people waiting for this game to come out and the attention from the media, both general and specialist. This is actual theft, not simulated theft, not fantasy theft, but real theft. You make me angry and a little sad. Actually its not theft, its copyright infringement. Still if i was a programmer for rockstar i'd be mightily pissed that this had happened. Does any one have any figured for the % of PS2s/Xboxs that have been fitted with mod chips? I think it would make an interesting survey.
  5. SoDdit

    Official Game / Game Engine Screenshot Thread.

    shot from my terrain engine. Its now generating all height data procedurally, texturing is done in a pixel shader. need to write code to blend several colors together to make it look nicer, but this was a proof of concept. currently working on writing a large scale map generator for a civ3 style front end that uses this as the battle engine. think Civ3 meets Rome:Total War. too ambitious? you may be right! but meh.
  6. Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Quote:Original post by vajuras skeletal animation tutorial is a tut i wrote. I prefer skeletal animation for consoles/PC because: 1) consumes less memory than vertex animation 2) you can do cool things like rag dolls, bone collision,etc 3) you can share animations between different characters cons: skeletal animation requires more math than vertex animation. hence, it makes the CPU work harder. A number of articles mention having the GPU do more spherical tweening of skeletons (alot more instructions per pass in the newer graphics cards and space for function tables in the gpus...) I've writen a skeletal mesh loader app and tho all the work is being done on the CPU atm i can see how easy it'd be to push this onto the GPU with a simple vertex shader. you might want to look at the book "Focus on 3D Models" published by prima tech. i got that and used the chapter on Milkshape 3d models as the basis for my loader. only things i need now are 1) skills to make my own model (will probably resort to ripping one out of a commercial game as my artistic skillz are less than an inebriated donkey with epilepsy) 2) some method of control the animation. if anyone has ideas on this point i'd like to hear em.
  7. SoDdit

    Pleez help MFC C++

    1) why send a message from you're view class to a dialog? best bet is to call a member function in the dialog class from the view class. 2) general rule for MFC apps, Document class stores data and the View class renders/displays the data.
  8. SoDdit

    Playstation Dev

    i read somewhere (gameindustry.biz?) that a few preliminary XBox2 dev kits have been sent to trusted developers (i assume those who'll be working on the titles to be available when the console is released). other thing is the PS2 architecture is a nightmare plus the toolchain is very basic. and i mean basic. if i had to choose a console to dev on atm it'd be the XBox, as you can do a lot on the PC and port it over.
  9. SoDdit

    MFC Dialog Problem

    you need to override OnOK and OnCancel to stop the keypresses. Dont have a button with IDOK or IDCANCEL either, use your own. if you want the user to be able to close the dialog with the X in the upper right of the frame then override OnClose and add a call to EndDialog(0) in there.
  10. SoDdit

    A little DivX from my engine

    where'd you get heightmap data for the uk from? apart from that, the sky and clouds and water looks amazing. almost makes me want to implement my cloud/skydome ideas, but i know i wont, i just discovered the wonders of Wolfenstien Enemy Territory and i'll waste a few weeks before i'm bored with that.
  11. SoDdit

    pointer problem..

    thats because the peker in cA has been initialized, while the peker in cB hasnt.
  12. SoDdit


    i've never taken LSD, but i've done shrooms a coupla times, with the same effects every time. makes me hyper. dunno why but it does. I'm the only person i know that gets that way off em but i dont care. there's been some good advice in posts on this forum but i'll give my spin on it just, well cos i can i spose. 1) make sure you're comfortable with the environment you're gonna take the drugs in. dont do it in your house if you're afraid your parents will be returning that night. best bet is a mates house whose parents are gone for the night/weekend. 2) make sure you like/trust/are comfortable with the people who will be there. you dont want some asshole annoying at all ( tho i must admit my hyperness kinda gets on my friends nerves when they're nicely wasted ;) ) 3) stick on some nice music, we used my mates groove armada compilation CD which worked nicely. PUT THE CD ON REPEAT, cos chances are you wont be arsed to move to hit play when it stops. 4) once you're nicely wasted try eating a magnum icream or something similar. Think thats pretty much it. oh. and also, if you're making marajuana muffins, calculate the correct doseage carefully and dont just dump 2 big bags of weed into the mix as you will prolly OD on weed. slept for two days. solid. tho parently i got up to get a glass of water after 24 hrs. dont remember tho.
  13. I'm creating a texture from using 4 perlin images as the 4 colour channels, however when i create the texture and lock it, its not giving me enough room to copy the data in. if (D3DXCreateTexture(m_pDevice,sizeX,sizeY,0, D3DUSAGE_AUTOGENMIPMAP |D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC,D3DFMT_A32B32G32R32F,D3DPOOL_DEFAULT,&m_tex)!=D3D_OK) return FALSE; D3DLOCKED_RECT rect; if (m_tex->LockRect(0,&rect,NULL,D3DLOCK_DISCARD)!=D3D_OK) return FALSE; memcpy(rect.pBits,data,sizeX*sizeY*sizeof(float)); m_tex->UnlockRect(0); m_tex->SetAutoGenFilterType(D3DTEXF_LINEAR); m_tex->GenerateMipSubLevels(); the stride field of the D3DLOCKED_RECT struct is 2048 for a 512x512 4 channel float texture, which just isnt right. it'd be ok if each pixel was 4 bytes but as its 16 bytes so it just dont add up. should i just convert the floats to unsigned chars or what?
  14. SoDdit

    What ethnicities are you guys?

    Quote:Original post by LogicalError 12.5% italian 87.5% dutch married to a filipina anyone else here have mixed marriages/relationships? I'm protestant and my gf is catholic if that counts ;) (it does here in northern ireland anyway)
  15. SoDdit

    What ethnicities are you guys?

    100% celt. scots-irish to be exact.
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