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  1. Our game, Anti-Flare.x, is a platformer where the hero is AI controlled and the player has to find ways to cooperate with the hero.   Trying to explain how that concept translates into gameplay is apparently hard, so we created some prototypes that shows some of our puzzle ideas. You can play inside your browser!   Check it out with the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.
  2. Anti-Flare.x - A New Game Project

    Created a short video of some gameplay prototypes: [media][/media]
  3. Hi all, Long time lurker coming out of the woods. Our KickStarter campaign for [url=""]Anti-Flare.x[/url] recently launched! It's in the early stages of design and prototyping so no eye-candy to catch your attention yet. But we think the core concept of the game is strong enough to get people interested. Details are on the Kickstarter page (linked above) but here's the short version:[list] [*]You, the player, don't directly control the hero. You interact with the environment while the hero is AI controlled [*]2-D, side-scroller [*]Platformer with puzzles and non-linear gameplay (like Super Mario World and old-school Metroid) [*]Your hero represents an experimental anti-virus program searching for a way to stop an uber computer virus gone crazy [*]Levels are set inside computer hardware and software [/list] Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!