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  1. Yes it's Actionscript, Flash/Flex based.
  2. Hi! I need some guidance, over preferred framework  ( MVC, entity) in the development of such games. FYI, i tried using MVC, but was not much successful.     Target story line is something like this : ( )   Advice appreciated!   Vishwas  
  3. hi! Steve, I have been working on with Scene68, in the development of his game idea. I just wanted to add that, when trying out MVC, i have got stuck with the huge number of validations required in the artificial intelligence of text based game. I have heard hype about Entity Framework ( see ASH by Richard Lord and many such other), for game development. However mostly the games talked about are physics and math based game. Which are very different from text based games like hollywood mogul, travian, or facebook's mafia wars. So, not sure if Entity based framework is a good choice here. Thanks. V.